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Andrew DeLeon

Earlier today, 20th Century Fox released a promotional video for the upcoming Independence Day Resurgence. The "news special" plays into the nostalgic aspects of the original Independence Day film with audio clips and interviews featuring some of the original characters. The video is nearly four and a half minutes long and sets up the new film's plot by recounting the aftermath of "The War of 1996."

The United World News which serves as an information source for the Earth's globally aligned initiative against hostile alien forces recounts the war of 1996 and how it unified the human race as a species. Some of the key players of that war such as David Levinson, Director of Earth Space Defense, are interviewed in the video. Earth Space Defense is tasked with developing the technologies to defend against any alien threats. The final aspect of the video deals with the military wing of the Earth Space Defense that utilizes pilots from different countries to command new advanced aircraft based on the alien technology encountered in 1996.

Independence Day Resurgence is set for release this summer on June 24. Check out the promo video below.


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