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WARNING! This article contains major spoilers for CW's The Flash episode 20.

So with The Flash season 2 finale drawing spine-tinglingly closer and last night's episode, Rupture, making fans stare, mouths open, at the screen, certain things may have easily slipped our minds. Have no fear! Although I fully recommend you watch the episode again (it is just that epic), here are five things you might have missed.

1) Garrick is a relation of Barry's

You never bring back a character for no reason. So fans were already suspicious when the famous Henry Allen (John Wesly Shipp), made a sudden appearance after being absent for most of the season. Many believe he returned just to be the supportive father figure Barry needed at the time, but what if he was also there to give us a small hint as to what is yet to come? Upon first meeting Henry, Barry explained the situation with Jay and Henry made a light comment about how his mother's maiden name was also Garrick. Nothing else was said about the topic, but could such a revelation have some effect on the unfolding events? Probably, but personally I have no idea what this could mean for the plot.

2) Zoom's lightning

I noticed this also in th3 previous episode, but isn't it strange that even after stealing all of Barry's Speed, Zoom's lightning, not even for just a brief time, never turned red like the Flash's? Blue lightening has become synonymous with a dying speedster so does this mean that after everything Barry and Co went through, Zoom is still sick and dying? Has Zoom's arrogance after steeling Barry's speed made him oblivious to the fact that he is still sick and may still share the same fate as Trajectory? Every villain has a weakness, no matter how strong he is, so could this be the Kryptonite the Flash has been looking for?

3) The eyes of a monster

I think we can all agree when we say that Zoom really is a monster and the whole anti-hero persona and scary voice help amplify it. But were the black demonic-looking eyes really necessary? If you hadn't noticed it, watch Jay's eye when he speaks in Zoom's voice, his eyes go fully black, much like they do when someone gets possessed by a demon on Supernatural. Although this does increase the scare factor associated with Zoom, how and why does this happen? Barry has changed his voice and Trajectory had much the disease as Zoom, so why have their eyes never turned black? This is creepy stuff I must say.

4) Oh the references!

It wouldn't be Cisco if he didn't fill an episode with awesomely well placed references. For this episode, fans are given quite a helping of World of Warcraft and Harry Potter references. Well, when it comes to World of Warcraft, Cisco yells out "Leroy!" when first using the Holograph Flash. This is reference to Leroy Jenkins, a viral video involving World of Warcraft. Cisco also compares Rupture to a character from the game. The Harry Potter references may have been easier to catch. When Harry asks Cisco to get the wand, the latter is momentarily unsure as to what he is referring to (the Weather Wand) and he says that it's the wand Cisco made for the Harry Potter convention. The still confused Cisco questions Harry on how he knew about the Convention. Not long after, when Cisco is standing on the the roof, he points the wand upwards and, upon being struck by lightning, yells out expecto patronum, a famous spell used multiple times in the Harry Potter series.

5) Who gained super-powers?

Although fans might have still been screaming in outrage and surprise at what had just happened to Barry, we cannot forget that wave of what must have been Speedforce induced dark matter that knocked both Wally and Jesse off their feet. Now Fans have speculated that Wally West would eventually gain speedster skills some time however we cannot forget that Jesse too got hit by the same dark matter wave as Wally. So, just as this is probably the cause of Wally becoming a superhero, this might also be a sign that Jesse, too, may be joining the metahuman category. In the comics Jesse is actually a speedster called Jesse Quick, so could we be adding both her and Kid Flash to the team? That would be pretty awesome!

As you can see, quite a few things did happen in this one episode, leaving fans questioning what in the world will become of of Barry Allen and the gang. Sadly, we must wait until May 10th until we can hope to get any form of answers. Guys, please refrain from going on a Zoom worthy rampage until then, please.

So what do you think will happen to Barry and the rest?


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