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A young man downloads an app in hopes of curing his sleep disorder.

But when he plays back the audio recorded, he discovers a sinister voice with deadly intentions…

Written, produced and directed by Australian filmmaker, Min Tran, Awake in my Sleep plays with subjects of technology turning against humanity, versus humans turning against themselves. Either way, it doesn’t end well for us…

Check out the creepy new trailer for Awake in my Sleep.

The twisted plot of this psychological short thriller posits two simultaneous possibilities - a secret experiment where phones are transmitting electromagnetic radio waves that alter brainwaves and disrupt human behaviour…

…or does the terror come down to a dark persona hidden deep inside the subconscious mind?

The production began in Victoria, Australia last February with a crew of talented young filmmakers and a main cast of two - three if you include the killer app!

“We are so attached to our smart phones that we’re essentially in a relationship with them, yet we all share the same concerns regarding their security. They contain our memories, personal data, knowledge and we’re lost without them. What happens if such a personal device were to use that information in ways you couldn’t imagine to destroy you, turning you against yourself?” - Min Tran.

Awake in my Sleep will feature in film festivals worldwide. Want to know where you can catch it? Follow it on Facebook and visit for details on upcoming screenings this year: @awakeinmysleep |


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