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Karly Rayner

A lot of us will remember nearly soiling ourselves and immediately locking our cell phones in a lead-clad safe over Meelah Adams' freakout-worthy video, , and now it's time to brace yourselves for another insidious installment from the German student filmmaker and director/writer Erdal Ceylan.

After helping to scare more than 17 million people into submission with what could be one of the scariest viral videos ever, Movie Pilot is proud to let the new Demon's Dawn wash over you with the exclusive premiere below.

If you're passionate about video content and have the vision to make a viral nightmare that embeds itself into people's tender brains like a gnarly little parasite you can hear more about Meelah's Movie Pilot experience in her interview HERE.

And don't forget to check out Movie Pilot's scary competition in conjunction with Crypt TV!

Do you think there is something inherently evil about technology in horror?


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