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Channing Tatum has appeared as the first ever guest on Carly Fleischmann's revolutionary new talk show 'Speechless' which is making waves because the host herself is nonverbal autistic and therefore unable to speak.

Despite the fact that Fleischmann doesn't 'chat' in the conventional talk show fashion, the 21-year-old new-talent proved she was a great interviewer with a mean sense of humor through the carefully selected questions she directed at Channing Tatum. Check out some of the highlights below!

Wife, What Wife?

Carly cheekily joked that Channing would soon dump his wife to be with her, and the Magic Mike XXL star reacted in typical Tatum form by wilting into adorable hysterics.

What Did You Do As A Rebellious Teenager, And Did You Get Caught?

Apparently, Chan used to spent his wild youth running around the Florida backwaters and vandalizing the houses people were building under the cover of darkness. Naturally, he feels pretty guilty about it now though, look at his face!

I Don't Want To Look Shallow, But

In another wittily phrased question designed to get the lols, Carly scandalously asked Chan:

"I know you used to be a stripper growing up. How many girls at the end of your night would take you home?"

Apparently, the total varied, but Tatum's reaction showed he was pretty taken aback by the direct line of questioning.

Husband Goals To The Max!

So apparently if you are married to Channing, you are not only married to Channing, but you also get to the do the Dirty Dancing life on the regular?!

Step Up is real, yo.

To hear the whole interview for yourself and see Channing crumple under the funny questions of the masterful Carly, you can watch the whole video below:

It's so awesome to see how modern technology has allowed Carly to convey her intelligence and snippy sense of humor to the world, and I hope this series does a lot to raise autism awareness.

You can make sure you tune into the whole 'Speechless' web series by following Carly HERE.

What would you ask Channing Tatum in a candid interview?

(Source: Huffington Post)


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