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Way back in April, Disney Channel star Skai Jackson posted a simple picture of herself on Twitter as she waited for an interview with Fox 5 New York. Jackson was there to promote her role on the series Bunk'd, a spin-off to Jessie, a show which she has starred in since 2011.

While the snap was originally intended as an update for fans, it soon spiraled out of control when the internet got hold of it and turned the image into a (rather hilarious) meme.

People imagined funny scenarios and situations in which the star might be reacting to.

While others photoshopped her into other images:

But don't worry if you think that Skai Jackson would rather the whole meme thing didn't happen, because the Disney star has even reposted some of her favorite images!

Love the attitude, Skai! After all, you said it best:

What do you think of the Skai Jackson meme?

Source: MTV


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