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Deadpool conquered everyone's hearts when it was released earlier this year, breaking every box office record there was available to break. While the sequel has already been confirmed, it'll be a while before we're reunited with the Merc with a Mouth.

So if you can't get enough of the antihero's antics and just miss his constant presence in your cinematic world, you now have the possibility to bring him into your very own home. NECA Toys — the same company that brought you this freaky Freddy figure — has designed a life-sized Deadpool doll that's sure to become the focal point of any super-fan's home decor.

It's A Giant Deadpool Puppet!

Although NECA has yet to release an official image, this is the one featured on Toyark. It's an impressive piece of work: The statue stands at 6 feet tall and is entirely hand-painted. Such a level of detail (kind of) justifies the hefty price tag of $1,099.99, with a $400 deposit.

You Know You Want It


It's made out of foam, rubber and latex, so it might not be very heavy. You could hold onto it a night, to scare away the monsters under your bed. Or use it as the fanciest coat hanger there ever was. The possibilities are endless!


The only additions we'd suggest are a removable mask, to see Wade Wilson's avocado face, and the possibility to remove a hand in order to replicate a) the scene where he literally cuts off his hand b) the one where he has a baby hand following the chop.

You can preorder the statue now at Big Bad Toy Store.


Which item of superhero merchandise are you dreaming to own?

Source: Toyark


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