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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was certainly divisive, but there's one thing that pretty much everyone agrees upon: Wonder Woman was awesome. With her solo movie coming out in June 2017, fans are already hyped for the Amazonian hero's first feature film, and what we've heard so far is pretty impressive.

The movie will be set during World War I, with Diana fighting alongside pilot Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine). Recent set pictures have hinted at some of the plot, revealing why Diana chooses to leave Themyscira and fight alongside humanity.

Diana and the Amazons in "Wonder Woman."
Diana and the Amazons in "Wonder Woman."

And about a week ago, pictures from the set of Wonder Woman revealed that Batman was likely to have a cameo role (at least) in the 2017 film. This actually isn't surprising, as we already knew the WWI action would be bookmarked by modern-day scenes. But how big of a role will Batman play, and what does this mean for the future of the DCEU?

Forming The Justice League

Before Dawn of Justice was released, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Wonder Woman would include scenes set in the modern day in order to contextualize the main story:

The Wonder Woman movie, while largely set in 1918 during World War I, will be framed by “present day” bookends that also take place after BvS.

In light of this, it's possible that the leaked pictures come just before this scene, as Diana meets Bruce Wayne in Paris.

Bruce and Diana will form the Justice League.
Bruce and Diana will form the Justice League.

These scenes could do a lot to bridge the gap between Diana's hesitance to seek out the metahumans at the end of Batman v Superman, and the fact that she'll found the Justice League later in 2017. Diana's words to Bruce at Dawn of Justice's conclusion hint that even after helping defeat Doomsday, she is still uncertain about whether they should find the budding heroes:

"Maybe they don't want to be found."

After she spent most of the movie working to keep her identity secret from Lex Luthor, it makes sense that Diana would respect the metahumans' privacy.

Diana will eventually join the Justice League.
Diana will eventually join the Justice League.

These modern-day scenes in Wonder Woman could feature Bruce and Diana discussing the future as he tries to persuade Diana to help him find the metahumans. Diana's hesitance could prompt him to ask her why she stopped being a hero. This would lead neatly into Diana recounting her experiences in WWI, which we know comprise the majority of Wonder Woman.

A Century Of Horrors

Instead of rushing around saving people, the Diana we meet in Dawn of Justice is reserved, not foiling Lex's grand plan but retrieving a photo to protect her secret identity.

Put that together with her general hesitance to find the metahumans, and this points toward a rather disillusioned Diana Prince who has given up on being a hero, which was something Gal Gadot talked about before Batman v Superman was even released.

So, why is this version of Wonder Woman so jaded? Well, this could have something to do with the fact that she fought in one of the most vicious wars in human history; she's basically a WWI veteran.

Wonder Woman in 1918.
Wonder Woman in 1918.

Not only that, but Diana's brief allusion to her past in Dawn of Justice suggests that she might have fought in more of mankind's wars, until the devastation caused her to turn her back on humanity:

"A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind — from a century of horrors. Man made a world where standing together is impossible."

Considering this nod toward Diana's history, it's likely that Wonder Woman will expand on this, revealing what exactly happened. But it's Bruce's role in the story that could lead Diana to resume her role as a hero.

Essentially, Bruce could act as the Nick Fury of the DCEU, persuading Diana to help him form the Justice League. He might not have a big role in Wonder Woman (which has just wrapped filming), but it could be that it's his perspective on her past that will inspire Diana to join him. This makes sense considering the rumor that the final scene of Wonder Woman will lead directly into Justice League.

This has interesting implications for the Justice League movie itself. Will we see Bruce and Diana seek out the metahumans and persuade them in a similar fashion? Or will the film leap straight into the action, with the team already formed? Either way, it's very exciting, and with Batman also appearing in Suicide Squad it seems that he could be the character to tie together all the movies of the DCEU.

What do you think Batman's role in Wonder Woman will be?

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