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Most of us will probably be retired or dead at 93, but Stan Lee didn't become the genius behind countless of America's greatest comic book heroes by being most of us. The Marvel legend has another of his famed cameos in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), and it does not disappoint.

The most extra-mild of spoilers beyond this point (including confirmation that one hero doesn't die), so you know to do if you'd rather go in with totally fresh eyes.

Confession time: I was so into Civil War, I actually forgot that Marvel's silver fox had yet to grace the screen — so when he did, very near the movie's epic end, I was weirdly delighted.

Without giving too much away, Tony Stark and another of his team are having a fairly serious conversation, reflecting on the fight with Team Cap, when a delivery driver knocks on the door of Avengers HQ. Who's playing the FedEx driver? You guessed it: Stan the man.

Stan Lee: Professional cameo artiste
Stan Lee: Professional cameo artiste

The cameo wouldn't be anything special, except that Stan Lee misreads the name on the package for Tony and pronounces his name "Tony Stank" which, obviously, is amazing and hilarious in the most juvenile way. I loved it, and now I kind of want Stan Lee to go broke so he actually has to become a FedEx guy.

That said, it's not quite as epic as his extended cameo in Deadpool, in which his strip club DJ commands the crowd to "Give it up for Chastity!" — and neither does he snooze on the job and allow Captain America's suit to be stolen from before his very eyes...

Captain America: Civil War is out Thursday evening Stateside. Spidey fans might want to check out The Secret of Spider-Man's Backstory in 'Civil War' Is Epic.

What's your favourite cameo from Stan the Man?


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