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As nerds, we're living in a pretty awesome time period. Whether it be TV or movies, superheroes are taking over the screen and I couldn't be happier about it. From The Flash to DC's Legends of Tomorrow to Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to all the superhero related television shows. Moreover, the fact that the majority of these shows have been renewed for another year is delightful. However, one thing that I find odd is that the two shows hanging in the balance are both of network television's female led superhero dramas: Supergirl and Marvel's Agent Carter's fate have yet to be revealed, so I guess the main question here is - why haven't these two female led shows been renewed?


Let's first look at Supergirl. CBS' superhero drama had a successful freshman season full of colourful villains, hilarious moments and heartfelt reunions. Of course, our lead heroine also kicked some butt at least once an episode. With the stand out performers being Melissa Benoist and Calista Flockhart, the cast produced excellent performances all season long. Statistically, the show was very successful - specifically in viewership. Despite the fact that the pilot episode had leaked online several months prior, the series premiered to 12.96 million viewers. Although the numbers did drop over the season, the show remained one of the hottest topics every Monday night and often trended on Twitter. Supergirl also made history and featured Grant Gustin's The Flash, despite the fact that these two shows take place in a different universe.

Earth doesn't have just one hero...It has Supergirl
Earth doesn't have just one hero...It has Supergirl

Everything points to a renewal for Supergirl, yet CBS has yet to make an announcement. I find it odd that we haven't gotten word of a renewal, specifically since the show appears to be so successful. Moreover, it's hard not to consider the female angle - all the other shows have been renewed, so why not Supergirl? Melissa Benoist and the show's creators made it clear from the very beginning that they intended Supergirl to be a role model that young girls can relate to. While the character of Kara would be relatable to all audiences, young girls can look up to her. The creators altered the Supergirl outfit, making it much more dynamic and realistic for crime fighting and less 'sexy' like the comic books. If Supergirl were pulled from the air, despite it's great success, what message would that be sending out to young girls? Furthermore, the whole point of this series was to establish Supergirl as a separate entity, completely disconnected from Superman - If Supergirl ends up getting cancelled, what would that mean for the future of the character as both a female role model and as a superhero?

Marvel's Agent Carter

Arguably my favourite of the current wave of superhero shows, Marvel's Agent Carter continues Peggy's adventures following the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. Allegedly penned as a one season show, Agent Carter returned for her second outing earlier this year and was a critical success. The reception of the show has been extremely positive, and viewing figures remained steady during it's first season. Unfortunately the viewing figures dropped during season two. Despite this, the series is extremely popular with the online community and trended every week on Twitter. Hayley Atwell is magnificent as Carter and is arguably the best leading lady on TV. I cannot understand why viewing figures dropped during the second season, as I often found myself impatiently waiting for each new episode. Mirroring the tone of the MCU, the series is full of colourful characters and witty one-liners. In a more intelligent manner than Supergirl, Agent Carter subtly highlights a lone warrior who is not held back because of her gender, but embraces her femininity completely. Despite having no super powers, Atwell's Carter is arguably the best leading protagonist of all the superhero shows.

Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter
Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter

In a twentieth century world full of reality stars and botox, Peggy Carter is the perfect example of both a classy and sexy, and most importantly, intelligent woman who relies on her brain more than her beauty. If ABC cancels Marvel's Agent Carter, then they are not only doing young girls an injustice, they are doing the entire world a disservice as I think we all would agree that we need one more, perhaps final, outing from everybody's favourite Agent!

Ultimately, both shows are brilliant in their own ways. I find it interesting that other male-led shows have secured renewals despite not being as compelling. Both Supergirl and Marvel's Agent Carter deserve renewals and I genuinely hope that next time I write an article on either of these two characters, it will be confirming this!


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