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What an episode! We learned what the steam punk orb does this week. Safe to say, I was disappointed. Daisy and Mack had a nice long dialog. Coulson was very rarely seen. Agent May was amazing, as always (Ming Na Wen, you are just the coolest person ever!). Last but not least, Fitzsimmons had an interesting time dealing with Lincoln. Let's dive in!

1: Hive's Plan, Is It Plagiarism?

Ok, you know that I often joke about similarities between the Inhumans and the X-Men, but this episode crossed a line. Hive reveals that his plan is to turn humans into Inhumans. How is that unoriginal? You may recall the plot of X-Men which came out 16 years ago (I'm old!!!). In X-Men Magneto finds a way to transform humans into mutants and the heroes must stop him. Ok, that's a valid superhero story line. AoS can have at that. However, did anyone get deja vu when Hive's first experiment failed? Let me jog your memory:

That was X-Men's Senator Kelly after getting mutated by Magneto. Now check out the Inhuman experiment from AoS:

Both involve disgusting melting humans. Isn't that just a little too similar? I'd say so! Anyways, Hive's experiments require Kree blood in order to work. Where is an insane Inhuman ringleader going to find Kree blood on earth? That's where our steam punk orb comes in. It's basically a Kree homing beacon. Not a terrigen bomb or an Infinity stone. Just a Kree cell phone. BUMMER!

2: FitzSimmons Are Evil Geniuses

FitzSimmons think they may have a cure for anyone who's been Hived, but they need an Inhuman test subject. They say stuff like "where are we going to get an Inhuman" while Lincoln is literally like four feet away. I think they wanted him to try it on himself. Maybe they're sick of him like I am. Either way, they need to learn to text or IM when he's around!

FitzSimmons asks Coulson's opinion of whether to test the cure on Lincoln or not. Coulson ultimately decides against it considering the fact that it may kill him. Lincoln steals and takes the cure anyway, resulting in him becoming very sick and his immune system being depleted. Hopefully Lincoln has finally learned to listen to Coulson, if not for his own sake then for mine, because I'm pretty tired of Lincoln messing everything up because of his cocky arrogance. Because of Lincoln, the team is down one more member and FitzSimmons are no closer to a cure.

3: May Hits The Hive With A Stick

Mack discovers that the satellite has picked up Daisy. The team now knows about Hive's Hydra town. Mack and May are sent in to find Hive and kill him. After landing, May and Mack have no idea how to find Hive. Luckily, May spots Australian knock off Gambit entering a bar. She has a plan to use him to find Hive. She enters the bar under the guise that she is an agent of Hydra and subtly seduces Australian Gambit. Then after getting the info she was after, she bashes him in the head with a pool queue. Can we all agree that Ming Na Wen deserves WAY more screen time?! She's an amazing actress! This and every other May-centric scene proves that 100%!!!

4: Enter The Kree

Remember the steam punk orb that was calling the Kree? Well now their here. They fall from the sky in a beautiful blaze of glory and then tromp out of the wreckage like Mama June and Honey Boo Boo (Remember when that was a thing? Oh America, why? Just why?).

Whose side are they on? May and Mack are asking that same question. Seconds later, one Kree smashes Ginger Ninja to death. Mystery solved. The Kree are here to hunt and kill Inhumans. May's hilarious. In so many words, she tells the team 'Guys, they're here to kill them all. Lucky us. Lets grab some beers and kick back.' Sadly though, Daisy takes down one Kree, while Hive takes down the other.

5: Reasoning With An Enemy Who Is Also An Ally

After Daisy kills the Kree, Mack tries to appeal to her. He thinks she's trapped inside when she's actually been changed. After failing to reach her, she attacks him, but he says he won't fight her. Then he fights her. Mack you liar! How do you ever expect her to trust you?! Your just making this more complicated!!!

Anyway, before Daisy wipes the floor with Mack, he manages to hit the body of the Kree with a splinter bomb that turns him to ash. Meanwhile, Hive eats (isn't that basically what he does to people? Eats them? I mean, I watch Bones, cannibalism isn't gonna scare me away. I just wanna make sure we're all on the same page here) the other Kree's face. Not in a James Bond, kissy kissy, eat your face kind of way. I mean his little parasites eat the guy's face clean off.

After seeing this horrendous site, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent shoots Hive with some sort of bazooka which does nothing but show the wormies under his skin. Again, I threw up a little. Bloody stabbings don't faze me, but walking, bug filled, flesh bags make me queasy. This is the world we live in folks.

After a freaking bazooka does nothing, May's like, 'we betta run y'all. Coulson doesn't pay me near enough!'. Outside, May picks up Mack, whose pretty much been shattered like grandma's vase, and they head out. Hive tells Daisy how she failed him. She wasn't able to get the blood of the Kree. However, she remembers season one. Daisy's blood is Kree blood! She got a GH325 transfusion after Quinn shot her. With her blood they can make more Inhumans!


  • Will Daisy's blood actually work?
  • Will Hive need Coulson's GH325 blood next?
  • Can Lincoln please be the one who dies in the Quinjet?
  • Will any more Kree come, now that Inhumans murdered two reapers?
  • When will May get more screen time?!
  • Will Fox be suing Marvel TV over X-Men copyright infringement?

All will be revealed soon! The season's almost over folks! What are your thoughts on this week's episode? Let me know in the comments!


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