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The past couple of weeks there have been a few bits of news coming out about the now in pre-production Flash movie. I'm not going to lie; they have me a bit worried. Between casting and the direction it seems they're taking a very weird path. The Flash has quickly turned into one of my favorite heroes and I just want to see him done justice.


The Flash Family
The Flash Family

I'll start off by saying I'm still not sold on Ezra Miller. I’m not saying he's going to be terrible. I just really don't know what to think about him at this point. He seems like he could do a good job, but I want to see more before I can decide. On the other hand we have to worry about the rest of the Flash’s characters. We have a recent report from Heroic Hollywood regarding potential characters rounding out the cast. Those five characters being Iris West, Eobard Thawne, Fred Chyre, Leonard Snart (Captain Cold), and Jay Gerrick. First off Iris West is no surprise. She's Barry’s main love interest and a big supporting character. Next up is Thawne. He is said to be wheelchair-bound and is viewed as a Stephen Hawking type of figure. Now we come to Fred Chyre, who is described as "a gruff detective who first meets Barry at a crime scene in Thawne Laboratories.” I don't know too much about this character but it's definitely nice to see a new character in the mix. Next is Leonard Snart, who apparently is going to show up as a lackey of some sort for Thawne. I'll be honest I really don't want to see a new Captain Cold right now. I love what Wentworth Miller has done with the character on the show and I can't imagine someone else in the role. Also they have the Flash’s full rogue’s gallery to choose from. Last but not least is Jay Gerrick; his appearance is supposed to be a small cameo so not much too really elaborate on there.


Barry getting his powers
Barry getting his powers

News broke the other day that the Flash lost its director Seth Grahame-Smith over creative differences, which honestly worries me a bit. It's not that I know much about the director it's just that I want them to get it right. I don't want to see a rehash of what the TV show did amazingly. When it comes to the casting news the one detail about Thawne being in a wheelchair scares me. It seems eerily similar to the Flash TV show since the whole first season revolves around Thawne and his hate for the Flash. Thawne also poses as another person all together who needs to use a wheelchair after the particle accelerator explosion. Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash, is a really cool villain and I'm happy we got a really cool arc with him in the show. I just don't think I need to see it again so soon, or at least in the exact same light. We do know that Thawne is using his real name though because Barry meets Chyre at Thawne Laboratories. We also don't know what time this will be set in. Will it be an origin, or will this be set after the events of BVS? These things matter and with all the other villains to choose from I just don't see why they feel the need to retread old ground with Reverse Flash.

The Conclusion

Maybe there's a chance I'm reading into too many things. I think there is a lot of really cool lore to explore when it comes to the Flash and the Speed Force. There's tons of other cool stories to draw upon rather than retell something that was already done extremely well. Give me a Mirror Master movie and really screw with my mind, or work up to the Rogues. Then give me Reverse Flash. I may be wrong and this could totally work, but I will continue to be skeptical until I see more.


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