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*WARNING: Spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones*

Last week's Game of Thrones episode "Home" left fans reeling after an action-packed 50 minutes. Between Tyrion and the dragons, Ramsay Bolton killing his father, stepmother and infant brother, and Bran traveling back into Winterfell's past, it really had something for everyone.

Although largely expected, finally seeing Melisandre bring Jon Snow back from the dead was one of the most gratifying moments in the show's history. Plus, a shirtless Kit Harington is far from an eyesore.

While I would have had no personal objections with staring at Harington all day, Carice van Houten, the actress behind the Red Priestess, claims it took a little longer to nail the scene than fans might have realized. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she discussed the filming process:

“It took forever to resurrect him, forever! It was such an important scene, we shot it from so many angles. I think I washed his body 50 times. There would be a lot of people who would be very jealous, including my mother and sister. I was joking about that with him – ‘if only my mother could see this’ – and he loved that."

After seeing a loincloth-sporting Jon Snow, I'm definitely a little jealous of van Houten. Of course, filming this was also far from torture for Harington. He told EW that the experience was "very weird, like a teenage boy’s wet dream – you’re laying there naked and Carice van Houten is washing you.”

In addition to being sponge bathed by the gorgeous van Houten, he also got to spend a relaxing few days playing dead.

On a show that relies heavily on its vast landscapes and harsh climate — especially for those Watchers on the Wall — spending long hours filming can take its toll on the actors. For Harington, these two episodes spend lying on a slab were a welcome respite.

“It was such an easy two [sic] episodes, I loved it. I’m in a warm room, which is unusual for me.”

While we're still unsure of just how he came back and if he's a different person now, I hope he's well-rested. Now that Jon Snow is alive again, we can only hope that he'll spring right back into action and take greater strides toward claiming the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO.


Were you surprised by Jon Snow's resurrection?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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