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As the Champa arc came to an end with episode 41 fans are eagerly waiting to see the beginning of the next arc starting from Dragon Ball Super Episode 42. In this article I am going to share you with you my thoughts, predictions and theories on the forthcoming episode.

So the universal tournament finally came to a close with Universe 7 taking the victory. They summoned the Dragon God Super Shenron and in a surprising turn of events Beerus sama showed love for his brother in a godly manner and wished the earth of universe 6 to be restored. However, the biggest take of the episode is we got to see The Omni-King, The god of everything Zeno sama. And Beerus described his power by saying if he wants he can wipe out all 12 universes instantly. Though the omni-king primarily came to check on the gods of destruction, he ended up enjoying the tournament so much that he declared to arrange a tournament including all 12 universes.


Now about episode 42 trailer it looked a bit weird. So obviously it will be a refreshing type of episode. Beeru and Whis are at earth as they arranged a victory celebration party at the capsule corp. The trailer also features Goku sparing up with Monaka. Monaka looks bigger than his normal size and his lip is purple and it looks very weird. And he is also wearing Mr. Satan Gym belt and cape which can be related with the last episode since Mr. Satan did propose Monaka to become a mascot of GYM.

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The episode 42 title is :

‘The chaotic victory party! A showdown at-last!? Monaka vs Son Goku! ‘Don’t Miss it!

To celebrate the victory against the team of the 6th Universe, Goku and his friends throw a party at Capsule Corporation! But there it is revealed that Monaka, the supposed Strongest Fighter of the 7th Universe, is actually a weakling!?"

So, Monaka in the trailer looks very different. He also apparently has a purple aura. I doubt if it’s really Monaka! Even if it is Monaka then certainly he went through some kind of transformation. I am thinking if Beerus planned and staged some kind of story to make Monaka look strong to Goku. Maybe he made someone impersonate as Monaka. These fighting scenes and all looked very befitting so there’s a slim chance that it’s happening in Gokus dream or it’s some kind of a delusion. Piccolo extends his arm and attempts to grab Goku as we see Monaka and Vegeta sticking right behind him. Basically the entire scene looked very confusing and unusual so its hard to guess what's happening. But it feels like they all teamed up to stage Monaka as strong to Goku or something similar.

However, the summary does mention that Monaka’s secret will be revealed to all. So I am guessing Goku will somehow also find out the truth behind Monaka.

So apart from the’ Monaka vs Goku’ issue being wrapped up; there is couple of other things that we the fans will look forward to know more about.

Omni-King Zeno Sama Shuts Up Dragon Ball Haters
Omni-King Zeno Sama Shuts Up Dragon Ball Haters

Like, Zeno sama declared a omniverse tournament including fighters from all 12 universes. We might get some more details about it in the upcoming episodes like how the format of the tournament will be like. If it going to be ' universe vs universe ' or ' fighters vs fighters ' by random draw irrespective of their universes. And most importantly when it’s going to happen! I sure do hope that the next arc isn’t about this tournament. Because we just had a tournament, and I don’t believe it would be a wise idea to give another one right away. I would rather have them explore a different type of story, maybe something between the 2 universes. We do have indications that Vegeta will be visiting Planet Sadal or the universe 6 saiyan-planet soon. So let’s just hope they won’t arrange another tournament now and will do it when there’s actually a craving for a tournament from the audience. At this point they should rather concentrate on introducing a new threat.

Also probably Gohan will return as a fighter in this arc. And since we haven’t seen much of Gohan in a while, the upcoming episodes might highlight Gohan a bit. I have a gut feeling that Pan might be somehow getting involved in motivating Gohan to make a return.

Super Saiyan Blue Gohan- Dragon Ball Super
Super Saiyan Blue Gohan- Dragon Ball Super

Also Toriyama said he is going to bring back a popular future related character so that’s one more thing I am waiting to see. Also the episode 42 trailers shows Krillen using solar flare so I’m wondering If we will get to see the human fighters power up a bit sometimes soon. Especially if the superhuman water as mentioned in the episode 44 title has something to do with the Z fighters. I also made a video on the Z fighters and their future on Dragon Ball Super. If you haven’t yet, you can check that out from the description.

Overall I am very excited to see what happens next. Dragon Ball Super is doing awesome and the fans are getting behind the way they are developing the story and mixing it up with a lot of new characters.

Share your opinion, theories and predictions on the comment section down bellow.

Dragon Ball Super- Krillen Solar Flare
Dragon Ball Super- Krillen Solar Flare



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