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Civil War: The Anticipation is Real

Ok everyone; it’s been a while since we have posted a full blown article (I am sure you’ve missed us). Anyway, if you live in the United States congratulations on being only 2 days away from what many are deeming the greatest comic book movie ever.

Like all of you, I am eagerly waiting to see it on Friday. But with the movie on the verge of a domestic release, let’s talk about what exactly we are so excited about. For what is technically a non-Avengers movie, the scope of this film is massive. All the heavy hitter Avengers (minus Hulk and Thor) are in it, along with Ant Man and new comers Black Panther and…Wait for it… Spider-Man.


Aside from adapting the Civil War storyline, all the new characters that are being introduced have me on the edge of my seat just waiting for the day I am seeing the movie to come. Maybe it’s the Marvel fan boy in me, but finally seeing Spider-Man in the MCU is sure to be amazing (sorry). The other iterations of Spidey have been great in their own right, but seeing him in the connected universe is going to be an entirely different story.

Black Panther

The Black Panther is another character I am intrigued to finally see on screen. It seems like for years now we have been hit with rumors of a Black Panther movie. Now in Civil War, we will finally see him take the screen and boy does he look great? It will be interesting to see how the Russo’s have molded his story into the movie adaptation of Civil War.


I am also eagerly anticipating the appearance of Ant Man. While his first foray into the Marvel universe was a good time, it wasn’t the spectacle that Civil War is sure to be. With his second appearance in the MCU, I am interested to see how Scott Lang’s character plays when the stakes are worldwide and not so centralized. Early reviews peg Ant-Man as being a scene stealer which should come as no surprise given how likeable Paul Rudd is as an actor. I look forward to seeing how the Russo’s set up Scott Lang for his next MCU appearance.


*Possible Spoilers Below*

I no longer believe that a major hero will die, however death and pain will occur in this movie. War Machine will probably be severely injured. Tony is rumored to have some emotional turmoil. However, an underrated aspect of the film that I am waiting for is the imminent goodbye of fan favorite and MCU mainstay Peggy Carter. It has been widely rumored that Agent Carter will not be returning for a 3rd season with the upcoming Marvel’s Most Wanted and the decline in ratings of the shows second season. With the photo leaks of a funeral scene being filmed, Civil War may indeed be our final goodbye to the S.H.I.E.L.D founder.

Baron Zemo

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing how Baron Zemo is handled. We have barely gotten a glimpse of him in the trailer which can certainly be a good thing. A part of Dawn of Justice from a story standpoint which I didn’t like was that we knew from the trailers Batman and Superman were going to be against each other, kiss and make up, and then take on Doomsday. In watching a behind the scenes video with the Russo’s yesterday it seems this is not the case with Civil War. According to the behind the scenes clip, the Russo’s specifically did not want for the conflict between heroes to fully resolve so that they come together to fight a greater evil. Instead, it appears the movie will be about our heroes going toe to toe against each other. All of this means that Zemo appears to be the mastermind manipulating everyone to do his bidding. Essentially, Zemo could turn out to be everything Lex Luther could have been had Zack Snyder not be in control of Batman V Superman. Good Lord, do I hate Zack Snyder. But enough with comparing the two hero battles…apples and oranges.

Wrapping Up

With that we are only a couple of days away from what is sure to go down as a classic comic book movie. But what we really want to know is what are you guys looking forward to? Feel free to comment here or contact us through the below channels. Thanks everyone.


Are you ready for all that is Captain America: Civil War


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