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Since the release of 'Deadpool,' a continuation of Fox's X'Men franchise, things have begun to further expand. Later this month, we'll be getting 'X-Men: Apocalypse' and soon after, the 'New Mutants' movie. Though it hasn't started production yet and is now in the second draft of its script, Boone has already started the process of building the mutant cast.

A diverse casting, which will translate well for all demographics. At the start, the core team was a Kentuckian, a 19-year-old Vietnamese female, a Cheyenne illusionist, an incredibly strong Brazilian, and a lycanthropic Scottish girl. Including Colossus’ sister, a teleporting mutant and a techno-organic alien.

Recently, the director Josh Boone released these images on his Instagram account.








Though, these are the characters from the extended team of the X-Men, there hasn't been any talk of Karma, Magma, Domino (Deadpool), Blink (Days of Future Past), or Warpath (Days of Future Past) joining the cast. The latter three have already appeared within the X-Men universe, though Blink (Fan Bingbing) is said to appear in four more installments within the franchise. Things regarding Warpath (Booboo Stewart) returning hasn't been announced. They've included Adan Canto who played Sunspot in Days of Future Past, so there's a chance for them to appear later down the line. There's word of Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy being cast as Wolfsbane and Magik, along with Alexandra Shipp reprising her role as Storm.

The Young-Adult superhero movie, 'New Mutants' reaches theaters in 2018.


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