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In honor of May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, Lin-Manuel Miranda and JJ Abrams treated the crowd outside the Hamilton theatre to a live performance of "Jabba Flow." Miranda and Abrams collaborated on the song for The Force Awakens, which plays when our heroes arrive at Maz's palace. The two announced that the full song is finally available to the public today.

Hamilton is such an in-demand production that Lin-Manuel Miranda conducts mini-performances for the crowd that gathers to enter the $10 ticket lottery, called Ham4Ham. Many special guests, from Broadway legends, to Jimmy Fallon have joined in on the Ham4Ham fun, and Lin teased today's performance on Twitter beforehand.

They revealed a little more about the creation of the song as well. We already knew that Miranda jokingly offered to write Cantina music, which JJ ended up taking him up on. Lin also revealed that the song actually has lyrics in real Huttese and it was inspired by the music of Shaggy.

"It translates as, 'No, lover, lover, it wasn't me.' It's literally a Shaggy intergalactic remix," Miranda says.

The song can be found on and is available for purchase on iTunes.

Happy Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with us all!


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