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This Friday, the Marvel Cinematic Universe returns to the silver screen in a big way as heroes will be pitted against one another in Captain America: Civil War. The third entry in the Captain America series starts off Marvel's Phase 3 as the stoic Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) finds himself at odds with his fellow Avengers teammate: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). The collision of these two heroes has been longed anticipated by the likes of moviegoers and fans since the new film was announced. These two characters have butted heads many times in the comics that one could only expect what a cinematic confrontation between Iron Man and Captain America would be like. Yet how exactly has it come to these two Avengers clashing? The events of Civil War will turn these heroes into rivals, but I cannot help but wonder: was this battle inevitable from the start?

These two heroes had very different beginnings. Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist Tony Stark was just a weapon manufacturer until he was attacked and kidnapped by terrorist. After creating a miniature arc reactor for his chest and building his first suit of armor, Tony's mission became stopping terrorist using his weapon and he did so by creating a nifty suit that eventually christen the billionaire into Iron Man. Captain America was another story. Born in Brooklyn, Steve Rogers was a scrawny man who wanted noting more than to serve his country. Rogers got his opportunity after he was enlisted in secret project to turn troops into super soldiers. Becoming the only success, Steve's contribution to the cause was becoming a propaganda figure for the army in the hopes to raise morale in the States. However that changed when Steve went behind enemy lines to save captive soldiers; with his best friend,Bucky, among the prisoners. Since that daring mission Steve Rogers became Captain America: the Allies' best weapon against Hydra and a symbol to the whole army. After stopping the Red Skull's plans, Steve Rogers was supposedly killed in action; until SHIELD discovered the Captain America's frozen body seventy years later.

Captain America and Iron Man crossed paths in the massive blockbuster: The Avengers. From their first meeting, both characters would be at odds with each other as it was clear that two teammates had different ways of handling things; with Steve prone to follow orders while Stark felt the need to disobey them. This would lead to the characters debating with each other as Steve accused Tony of being selfish while Stark stated everything good about Rogers great came “from a bottle”. Eventually the two would come to terms and work together to save the Hellicarrier as well as New York City. The scenes of Iron Man and Captain America showed that these two heroes had their own means of getting the job done; and because of this, it only seemed fitting that both characters would oppose one another from the start. Yet their conflict in personalities was a way for the two heroes to bond in a way that felt dynamic, entertaining and a bit natural.

After the events of The Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man would go their separate ways. Iron Man had to face the mysterious Mandarin and his Extremis Soldiers; while Captain America dealt with the Winter Soldier and the return of Hydra. The two heroes would be reunited in The Avengers' second adventure: Age of Ultron. In this film Tony wanted to create an artificial intelligence that could protect the world. What Stark got was the menace known as Ultron who sought to protect the world by destroying it. Tony hiding his intention led his fellow Avengers to distrust him and this included Captain America. This issue led to a scene between Stark and Rogers where the two argued about keeping secrets. In Age of Ultron, there was a clear difference between the relationship of Iron Man and Captain America as they came off as two teammates who have known each other for quite sometime. However despite their friendship, the two characters could still oppose each other when it came to matters of what the team should do. While Tony's action did not put a permanent wedge between him and the First Avenger, there was still that conflict between the two that would again put them at odds with each other.

This leads us to Civil War. Because of Avengers' actions, the world seeks to control the team by havng the Earth's Mightiest Heroes becoming a government assets. This decision splits the heroes into two groups with one being led by Captain America, and the other by Iron Man. While it might look shocking for these two heroes to fight against each other, their history says otherwise. Since they have met, Iron Man and Captain America have had a relationship that has been defined by conflict. The two Avengers have their own views of the world and how to protect it, and this had led to two characters to butt heads on several occasions. However the two's issue in Civil War may be one that neither hero can come back from as the actions caused by these two characters may not only change the foundation of the Avengers, but it could very affect any future partnership between Captain America and Iron Man.

Both Iron Man and Captain America have been terrific characters to follow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it has always been a treat to see the two interact with each other. While they might have conflicted with each other on ideals, there is no denying that this element has helpes to define both Avengers. Yet that all could change in this upcoming film as the issue that has divided Earth Mightiest Heroes could very well put an end to the 4 year friendship of Captain America and Iron Man. Regardless of whatever happens it might be safe to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will never be the same when the First Avenger goes head to head with the Iron Avenger.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters this Friday.


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