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Josh Boone, the writer and director of the New Mutants announced some of the mutants that would be used in his upcoming film. For someone like me, these are familiar names. New fans or fans of just the movies might not know names that are't Wolverine, Cyclops or Storm. Since these are lesser-known characters and their movie is probably not going to feature a lot of (if any) known X-Men, it's very cool that Fox is taking a chance with the New Mutants.

It's a bold move by Fox to give the New Mutants a chance. The success of this movie is very important moving forward for the X-Men franchise. If this movie flops (which I don't see happening) it could force Fox to maybe not take a chance on lesser-known characters without the help of known X-Men. Doing that could take focus away from some of the amazing characters. Letting them stand alone and stand tall means that one day we could get other characters that would never get a movie. New heroes and villains could possibly get a straight-to-DVD flick or full-fledged movie all together.

Sure, Colossus was in Deadpool and he is a well known X-Man, but he didn't steal the show. If anything, he enhanced the main character and also made Angel (the villain he fought at the end) look like a true badass. So I'm not saying that the upcoming X-Men films shouldn't feature well known characters. If known characters are going to be used, they should be used to enhance the new crew.

Speaking of, Deadpool hitting a home run proved that even the lesser-known characters can become a hit if the story is good, the characters are well written, and the movie is marketed right. While some of the New Mutants may not be standout stars who will eventually get their own solo movies, their powers look cool and their team is so diverse that people from a lot of walks of life can have someone to call their own.

Who are the New Warriors?


There's Sam Guthrie. A farm boy from Kentucky with the power to propel himself like a rocket and is invulnerable while using his powers.


The Scottish and Catholic Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane). She has the ability to change into a full on wolf or just part wolf.


And then there's her giant Soul Sword
And then there's her giant Soul Sword

Colossus's sister Illyana Rasputin (Magik) has the power to teleport through time and space. But that's not all; she's also a powerful sorceress.


She was also a Valkyrie.
She was also a Valkyrie.

Danielle "Dani" Moonstar is Native American with a plethora of abilities, such as the power to create psionic arrows and bullets, illusion creation, telepathically link with various animals, and so much more.


Roberto "Bobby" da Costa (Sunspot) is a Brazilian who is a super strong, solar energy-absorbing, flying, tough guy. He's the muscle.


And lastly, there's Warlock, an alien, but a mutant in his own right. While his race infects other beings, Warlock never does. He's a bit of an accidental goofball that younger kids will probably love. And these are just the characters that have been announced.

In Conclusion

It's obvious that the New Mutants are a cool group of characters from various walks of life that are put together to protect human and mutant kind. Everyone likes seeing characters that they can relate to, and the New Mutants are exactly that. They may not be household names now, but give it some time. The market might soon be flooded with Warlock transformer toys and Moonstar action figures.

Do you think the movie will succeed? Let me know in the comments below.


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