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This time last year, we were gifted the news that yet another movie was getting the Hollywood remake treatment — '90s witchy cult classic The Craft.

A film that has thrilled goth teens for the past 20 years, The Craft originally starred Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True as four young women who embrace their place as outsiders to become real-life witches. A precursor to the young-adult film craze of the late '90s and early '00s, the movie had plenty of the typical horror ingredients: piles of snakes, buckets of maggots, night shoots and special effects. However, its deeper appeal was in the emotional lives of the characters — dealing with racism, misery, self-esteem issues, and the feeling that they didn't belong. The girls were the ultimate in empowered outsiders, and teenage weirdos fell in love with this uber-cool gang and their wish-fulfillment story. (Even if it all went wrong in the end!)

When Sony first announced it would be remaking The Craft, the news received mixed reactions. With Hollywood churning out the reboots, many felt this was an unnecessary money grab. Other fans felt the original story was so rooted in the '90s that attempting to recreate it in a world two decades older just wouldn't work. It's the biggest issue the industry faces when tinkering with a classic — the difficulty of living up to the original when it was just so darn good in the first place.

The Good News

Thankfully, it seems like the studio has found a way to bring the original back to life without simply remaking it in a different decade. In an interview with HitFX, producer Douglas Wick revealed that the new film would be picking up two decades after the original left off:

"I wouldn't say that we wouldn't so much call it a remake as a 'twenty years later.' There will be callbacks to the original movie, so you will see there is a connection between what happened in the days of The Craft, and how these young women come across this magic many years later."

So sadly, this new film is unlikely to revisit the original women, but rather it will examine a new group of teenagers. As amazing a film as it would be to reconnect with Sarah and co., now aged in their 30s, it seems that the studio is still looking to center the coming film around a young female cast.

Still, the idea of callbacks to the original leaves the door open for all kinds of potentially fantastic concepts, especially if the sequel is set in the same town. After all, the events of the first film would have made a real impact on the community — from rumors to news coverage of the more public events (and Nancy's eventual incarceration). Undoubtedly, teens in 2016 would hear about the witches of the '90s and could discover the magic for themselves using the original stories as a starting point.

Other options would be to link the new film to the characters of the original through family — the relatives (or even children!) of Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle would be an interesting (if not overly original) take on a Craft sequel. If natural witchcraft is hereditary in this world, any child of Sarah's would be able to carry her legacy into this new generation.

And let's not forget about Lirio, the fifth witch in the film. The owner of a magic shop so cool it made every moviegoer green with envy, she was presumably a powerful witch and she knew what was happening with the four girls. If her shop still exists, she would be an ideal link between old and new films.

What's Next?

Sony hasn't given us many details about the upcoming film — we don't even know which year we can expect to see it released. However, we do know some of the people who will be working on the project. Wick, who produced the original film, is back for the sequel and producing alongside Lucy Fisher, while Phil Graziadei and Leigh Janiak are penning the script.

Casting for a new circle of young witches is still up in the air, but with this new information about the direction the film will take, it's time to start getting excited about the possibility of a Craft for a new generation.

Watch the full HitFX 20th Anniversary video below.


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