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It's not like I NEED to list any reasons for this movie, and why it needs to happen sooner rather than later. But, in case someone out there doesn't realize why the world needs to witness this bromance, here is some solid proof from the comics. some panels you'll never be able to un-see!

They have a friendship that will outlast us all

Deadpool idolizes Spidey!

They make time for each other

What a team!

They always encourage each other

They got mad history

They have great dental

They just...know each well

Even BFFs have their tussles

Nobody gets them like they get each other

They almost even have sleepovers!

Their love/hate keeps them strong

He doesn't mean that!

Even though they get under each other's skin

And get into it quite a bit

Air kisses will always be blown in the end

They can get through tight situations together

With a few friendly rib-jabs

Even when their conversations don't make a lick of sense...

Deadpool always wins Spidey over with his...stuff

And they're stronger in the end

They got jokes!

Poop jokes!

And least/most importantly, they actually kick some ass when they want to!

Who doesn't like hot dogs!

Stuffin' brains and causin' pains


Never mind that Deadpool is missing a hand...if they can make corny poop jokes in the middle of a battle, just THINK about the cinematic possibilities!


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