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After Batman v Superman's less than stellar reception, all eyes are on Suicide Squad to bring back spurned fans. But luckily, with all the fan service, Easter Eggs, and a generally fun tone, that won't be too hard. With its August release date fast approaching (three more months!), it looks like we're about to get a massive influx of Squad-related merchandise. And the good news? That massive influx already started! So, here are some (admittedly low quality) shots of what we're going to see in stores very soon! What is there? Well:

There Are Some Great, Nightmare-Inducing T-Shirts

Fun fact: That mangled Joker is something I can never un-see.

Okay, so the star of the movie is definitely Harley Quinn. And the Joker too, apparently?

Of course, Harley and the Joker would laugh at the camera while everyone else straight-faces it.

And Another T-Shirt (With Fan-Service Like No Other)

Oh man, what can I even say? Joker's on a playing card with Harley, with his outfit ripped straight out of Alex Ross's artwork. On top of that, he has his fake flag gun! Do you think we'll see it in the movie?

Can Koozies

Spooky stuff right there.

Close-Ups Of Different Mugs

Mug #1, With Everyone (In A Limited Capacity)

Mug #2, With Deadshot

Mug #3, With Katana

Mug #4, Featuring The Return Of Mangled Joker

Mug #5, Using The Same Harley Quinn Image As The Can Koozie

And Mug #6, Because You Can't Limit Joker To Just One, Right?

A Cool Looking Something

This could literally be a cup, paint can, or pencil holder. The important thing is that it features a cool new logo and color scheme.

And Some Mousepads?

Are mousepads still a thing? Even if they aren't, I have a feeling mousepad sales are gonna make a pretty big jump this summer.

A (Barely) Branded Wallet

Probably the plainest thing in this wave of merchandise, the wallet still gets the job done.

Harley Quinn's Lunchbox

What a great idea. Send your child to school with a Suicide Squad lunchbox! If nothing else, it'll tell the other kids who runs this place.

Shot Glasses

Could the Panda we saw in the first trailer be more important than we realized? Or is this just the product team behind this stuff getting weirder?

Cool Looking Tumblers

The first tumbler includes the skullified Squad members in what looks to be the vat of acid Harley and Joker went in (maybe that's why everything's neon green in the marketing), and the second one features artwork of Joker's henchman (like the baby, the black smiley thing, the panda, the eyeball, etc.).

Harley's (Plush) Mallet

"Ha Ha Ha! You're killing me! Or am I killing you?"

And Finally, Harley's Plush Bat (With An Arkham City Easter Egg!)

The bat includes the lyrics to Harley's song in Arkham City, "Hush Little Baby."

I think the one word that describes the movie, its trailers, and its toys would be bizarre. Creepy, weird, uncomfortable? Yes. But ultimately bizarre.

What are you planning on getting?


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