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When $263,427,551 worldwide sales is considered a failure, you know Marvel Studios has to be doing something right. Today, 20th Century Fox would kill for the box office figures The Incredible Hulk posted back in 2008.

Year after year, Marvel ups the ante by wowing comic book & casual fans everywhere with the magic they create for theaters. With Captain America: Civil War hitting US theaters this week, many geeks (like myself) sit "patiently" and count the seconds on their smartphones until the numbers match up with the local theaters showtimes for the Civil War Premiere.

It's not a mistake Marvel continues to knock it out of the ballpark. They've applied a formula to their movies and if we look at the similarities between the first 12 films in the MCU, we could crack the Marvel equation in a shorter amount of time than it took S.H.I.E.L.D. to solve Zola's algorithm in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (they didn't by the way).

1. Heroes with daddy issues...check

2. Hero falls in love with the scientist's sexy assistant...check

3. Stan Lee cameo...check

Check out the video below for 24 the similarities that tie the Marvel Cinematic Universe together.

What is your favorite Marvel Movie in the MCU? List your favorite film in the comment section below.


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