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With so many actors and actresses now being cast in superhero films and TV shows, it's a common refrain to hear them say that they're a big geek or comic book fan. But savvy fans know that nine times out of 10 these celebs only started reading comic books after they got cast for the role. And there's nothing wrong with that — it's great to see thespians getting so into their roles, and hopefully becoming true comic book fans through their exposure to the medium for their job.

Occasionally, though, you come across a celebrity who is truly an OG comic book buff and whose knowledge spans decades.

Via 20th Century Fox.
Via 20th Century Fox.

Enter Deadpool's Ed Skrein. While interviewing him recently for the movie's media day, we talked about the rigorous filming schedule (in which he revealed he's afraid of heights). But he absolutely lit up when I asked him — hypothetically, of course — if Ajax could come back from the dead and be in any comic book movie (he is a cyborg now in the comics, after all), which storyline would be his dream storyline to adapt for the big screen? Cue the geek out:

"Wow. WOW. You know what my favorite Marvel storyline was, is the 'Age of Apocalypse' — which is different from what [Fox is] doing now with 'Apocalypse.' It's where there's an alternative reality and all the good guys and bad guys are mixed up; they all had different costumes. It was so good! They had other characters, too. Like there was this one character, Morph, that could change into anyone — he was so awesome. And Wild Child and Sabretooth. It was so badass. Magneto is the leader of the X-Men, even! It was so cool. I'd love to see them do that one day."
Via Marvel.
Via Marvel.

Unfortunately, there's one small problem with his dream adaptation being made, Skrein realized:

"Of course, they'd have to recast everyone again. I'm not sure how many people they'd have to recast! ... It'd be, like, the 300th Jean Grey we've had. But at the same time, I'm like, 'Nah, do it! I want to see it!'"

He paused for a minute and then came up with the perfect solution:

"Or if it was the same actors but just with different costumes and all mixed-up goodies and baddies, that would be badass, actually! Yeah, that would be badass."

Someone, get Simon Kinberg on the phone — Ajax is the new architect of your X-Men universe. BOOM.

You can check out the full interview below to hear him talk about Age of Apocalypse, his fear of heights and being picked on by director Tim Miller. Great guy, great interview. I highly suggest giving it a watch.

Deadpool hits Blu-ray/DVD and your local chimichanga truck on May 10.


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