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We are two movies into the DC Extended Universe and we've already introduced six members of the Justice League team. Though, there are rumors on Green Lantern actually playing a role in the upcoming film, 'Justice League Part One,' portrayed by Dan Amboyer, we are stuck with the previous six for now. Well, this isn't the only team inside of this universe. There has already been talk of Justice League: Dark making its way to us, so here's a rumor on the project from The Daily Planet.

What I see in the change of name, is WB/DC's way of creating another installment without the brand name of 'Justice League.' We know this movie will come after the first League movie, which is slated to hit November 2017. Dark Universe seems fitting in some aspects. But so did Justice League: Dark.


It's been hidden from the start on who Eastwood would be portraying in 'Suicide Squad.' Though I have my guesses, things are still up in the air. It's crafted ambiguously well by the team behind the movie. According to The Daily Planet, he will not be portraying neither, Wilson or Grayson. Which gives some sort of light to my theories on who he actually is in the movie.

In the end, we all just have to wait and see how things will actually play out. Since we got 'Wonder Woman' arriving June 2, 2017 and 'The Justice League part 1' aiming to hit November 17, 2017, I'm certain we will get a slot picked for 'Justice League: Dark' or 'Dark Universe' soon after.

Source: The Daily Planet


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