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This list was just too damn huge to put them all in one. And I don't even cover half of the crappy villains Spider-Man has had to face, and keep a straight face while doing so!

Here's part 1 if you came here first, and want to see the rest of these stellar baddies.

And here's part 2!

Gray Goblin

This guy actually has the possibility of becoming a pretty sweet Spidey villain, but thanks to the events of the first 5 Spider-Man movies, it would just be weird. Gabriel Stacy was the bastard child of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborne. That's right...not Gwen and Harry...Gwen and an old man:

Try unseeing THAT.

I really doubt (and hope) Marvel doesn't go down that road. Make the Gray Goblin the bastard son of Harry and someone, ANYone else, other than Gwen or MJ. As long as he gets the freaky Osborne blood, he'll be a villain.

Paper Doll

The good news? Piper Dali can transform herself into a two-dimensional...thing, and her razor sharp edges can cut through Spider-Man's webbing.

The bad news? She's paper. And she can hardly breathe, seeing how her lungs are paper thin as well. She looks like something that got ran over by a steam roller in a Roger Rabbit movie!

Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers

Great band name, but their shtick was singing songs that hypnotized the audience, and they stole all their stuff. Spider-Man reminded them that all he had to do to defeat them was take off their ear muffs.


The facts that he was created by Electro, could suck heroes into video games, and bring video game characters to life couldn't even save this guy. Been there, done that with Pixels.

Paste Pot Pete

The dude shoots glue. Nope, nope, and nope.

Big Wheel

It's a dude named Jackson Weele riding around in a huge metal wheel. With guns. The end.

The White Rabbit

look at those weapons!
look at those weapons!

Not a horrible name, really. But check this out; she was a fan of Alice in Wonderland, at the age of 25 she was married off by her family to a rich 82 year old guy, killed him, got his money, used that money to make all sorts of gadgets she used to become a criminal, and ended up getting defeated once by a guy in a frog suit.

Marvel is going to have to have a better story than that if they want The White Rabbit to sell movie tickets.


A disgruntled, laid-off sign maker, Gordon Thomas swears revenge on the man who took away his job by becoming...a guy who writes letters on his face and uses big letters as weapons. How bold!

That guy is a great way to end this party!

Any Spider-Man villains you guys love/hate?


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