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First off, I understand everyone has their own triggers that get them right in the feels. Some of us get it through music, some of us through books, some via movies. Others of us can get it via all the above and more. As I thought about what to write this evening I tried to remember what movies made what I call the "lump in my throat" swell to almost unbearable proportions. You know... That feeling where you are fighting tears and aren't sure if you are going to win the battle..

TRINITY... (Matrix Revolutions 2003)

Goodbye Trin
Goodbye Trin

The Matrix trilogy was based around two important themes. Learning to believe and Love. From the beginning, we are groomed to root for the love story between Trinity and Neo. Yet, this love story seems doomed from the start. A hopeless story of romance, caught in a post apocalyptic universe, heading towards a tragic end to save the world.

This scene involved Trinity and Neo crash landing their ship while heading to the machine city. Unfortunately Trinity is impaled upon landing. Neo has to sit there and listen to the love of his life die in front of him, due to the fact he had been blinded earlier in a battle. Believe me, sad stuff.

HAAAAARRRRY!!! (Spider-Man 3 2007)


So here we are, 'Spider-Man 3.' One of the most mixed reviewed movies of all time. Most were negative, but there was this scene that was one of the most heartfelt moments in cinema history, in my opinion. Harry and Peter's friendship had just been rekindled. While battling two deadly villains in Sandman and Venom, Harry is impaled while sacrificing himself to save Peter's life. After Peter handles Venom, there is a super sad and tender moment, where Mary Jane and Peter talk to Harry as he passes away. I have to admit, a tear may have fallen the first time I saw this.

SAVE ME.. (X-Men: The Last Stand 2006)

Phoenix: "You would die for them?"

Wolverine: "No, not for them. For you"

This to me was one of the best scenes in the X-Men franchise universe. In this scene we watch as Wolverine takes advantage of his super healing factor and the possibility that Jean is still somewhere inside of the Phoenix. He knew with Scott Summers aka Cyclops gone. He was the only one who could find her.

KAAAAAAAAAAAAHN! (Star Trek: Into Darkness 2013)

Goodbye Jim
Goodbye Jim

I found this scene to be very emotional. The entire movie built up the idea of Spock learning to cope with his human side and the emotions that come with it. The battle between being a Vulcan and human was one that we learn Spock goes through on a constant basis. Everything culminates with Spock finally embracing his human side while watching his best friend die, after sacrificing himself to save the crew from certain death.

NOOOOOOO! (Star Wars: Episode III 2005)

Yes... Yes, let the hate flow
Yes... Yes, let the hate flow

While the second series of George Lucas Star Wars films were revered as not great. There were moments that you had to "Feel." Even in this scene where Emperor Palpatine gives Anakin one last push to ensure his journey to the Dark Side is complete. Palpatine tells him, that in his anger, he killed his love Padme. The scene culminates with a very cheesy "NOOOOOOOO" from the newly suited Lord Vader. You can almost feel his pain. Coupled with a dramatic soundtrack, this equal one the saddest scenes ever. He not only lost the love of his life, he is realizing he lost his unborn children as well.


Of these scenes, which made you feel feelings?

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