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A Great Episode

This week we got an excellent episode of The Flash. Rupture fired on all cylinders. It upped the stakes, made Zoom more terrifying than he's ever been, and also brought the emotion and the humor we expected from this show. When you add in a bombshell ending we have a winner.

Let's Talk About It

This episode was very Cisco centric, which is never a bad thing, considering Cisco is constantly one of the most entertaining characters on this show. We revisited Cisco's issues with his brother Dante. We learned that the relationship between these two has been fractured for years Cisco has a 'vibe' about Dante which leads him to reconcile. Yay sibling harmony. There's just one problem.

This led to an attack by one of the coolest designed villains we've seen on the show. yet in Rupture, who's power comes from a scythe. Why a scythe? I don't know, man. It's a superhero show. Just roll with it. A better question would be why a latino family would name a kid Dante. Of course they can name their kid whatever, but a writer created that name, not a family. Its odd. Like naming someone Mtumbe Johannsen. Ok, writer, but why? I digress.

Rupture is revealed to be Dante's Earth-2 doppelgänger, which is cool. However it brings Cisco's world crashing down around him, as Dante demands to know why there's another him. A valid question. This forces Cisco to spill the beans about him being a meta, his trip to Earth-2, and his general feeling about his family. This confession brings about a rapprochement between Dante and Cisco, which hopefully, will lead to them rebuilding their relationship. </feelings>

From the "Prop Dept. Leftovers" Collection
From the "Prop Dept. Leftovers" Collection

Zoom Boom

This brings me to Zoom. In my opinion he was becoming a bit boring. He continually sent waves and waves of Earth-2 meta's at Barry, but rarely took matters into his own hands, until now. After Zoom takes the CCPD headquarters the police hold up at CC Jitters (don't ask me why the cops held up at a coffee shop...).

Caitlyn was Zoom's hostage at the CCPD HQ and she was able to rifle a message to the cops at the coffee shop about Rupture coming to attack. The CCPD was able to use the Flash hologram to stop and arrest Rupture. I actually said to myself "Wow, another easily dispatched one off villain." until Zoom showed up, killed Rupture and massacred the entire police force held up inside, with the exception of Joe and the police Captain of course.


Seeing Zoom snap necks at super speed brings a whole new level of terrifying to a villain. He did it so fast the half dozen or so cops were still standing for a moment before dropping dead.

Muy malo
Muy malo

My Three Dads

So let's move on to Flash. Barry had some thinking to do this episode. He had to make a decision about whether or not to go along with Wells's plan to rebuild (and re splode) the particle accelerator to get Barry's speed back.

This was a cool way to bring all of Barry's "fathers" together. Henry, Joe and Wells, all grappled with their own opinions on the matter. Obviously Wells wanted Barry to roll the dice, while Joe and Henry wanted Barry to make his own decision. The massacre at Jitters makes Barry's decision for him. He originally bucks the idea but after seeing people die he decides to take a chance. This led to a heartfelt moment where Iris finally revealed her buried feelings for Barry. Barry needs to lock that down, pronto.

In order to get Barry his speed back every factor from the night he was struck needs to be replicated, including injecting him with chemicals that were present in his body the night he got his speed. Cisco was given the task of using Weather Wizard's wand to create the lightning needed, and... a few great Harry Potter jokes later and we have a particle accelerator explosion.

How did you know about the Harry Potter convention?
How did you know about the Harry Potter convention?

Well That Accelerated Quickly

Which leads us to that unexpected ending, I was expecting the particle accelerator explosion to hit Barry and to see a flicker of speed force in his eye or something, I was absolutely not expecting to watch Barry be vaporized, needless to say I was completely shocked. Unfortunately his fate was spoiled in the previews for next week's episode, but for a moment I truly thought Barry was gone. I imagine he merely was sucked into, and became one, with the speed force, which he has done before in the comics. He should return before long faster than ever.

And Meg

Jesse and Wally were also hit by the blast (the one that had to duplicate the original exactly in every way) so I assume this is how they become their comic book counterparts of Jesse Quick and Kid Flash.

I think this was a poor decision. Neither of these two have had enough development, or time, to grow on us. Also, too many speedsters. Seriously.

Wrap It Up

So we're getting into the final 3 episodes of the season, and overall I'm excited to see what the show has in store for us. We still have no idea who the man in the mask is but i'm sure it'll be cool when we find out.

What did you think? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!


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