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Set within the DCEU, Jason Momoa as Aquaman is one of the most anticipated character portrayals to come out over the next few years. His following gained from Game of Thrones as the Dothraki Kal, Kal Drogo means that he is highly respected as a fictional bad-ass already. However, Jason Momoa isn't stopping there. Along with his on-screen presence as a force to be reckoned with, he is also showing his heroics off screen with a charitable cause.

Recently, Jason Momoa took action against something effecting our water. He united as himself and as Aquaman with , a campaign whose aim is to take action against Dakota Access Pipeline. The construction they operate in poses a serious threat to our water through the Missouri and Cannon Ball River and also our land in the event of an oil leak. I commute from Indianapolis and Chicago, which are next door to this issue. It could end up being a huge catastrophe, if it leads to the worst scenario. It'll kill a mass number of sea life, and possibly our own.

Here's how Momoa got started (in full Aquaman attire, no less!).

Afterwards, he showed the world that he also knows how to relax after a hard day's shooting. Having achieved something on a larger scale, he hashtagged 'Water is Life' with the RezpectOurWater handle attached.

Being of Native descent, this translates easily to me. But who you are doesn't matter. If you can, let Momoa be an inspiration by taking action and signing the same petition. It takes a couple seconds. You'll never know how to stop something unless you exhaust all of your resources. So, let's say this is the "resource one."

It's fantastic that a star as famous as Momoa is able to bring awareness to this. There were also many comments from the people of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, some of which you can read below.

I’m 13 years-old and as an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, I’ve lived my whole life by the Missouri River. It runs by my home in Fort Yates North Dakota and my great grandparents original home was along the Missouri River in Cannon Ball. The river is a crucial part of our lives here on the Standing Rock Reservation.
The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline would transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day, across four states. Oil companies keep telling us that this is perfectly safe, but we’ve learned that that’s a lie: from 2012-2013 alone, there were 300 oil pipeline breaks in the state of North Dakota.
My friends and I have played in the river since we were little; my great grandparents raised chickens and horses along it. When the pipeline leaks, it will wipe out plants and animals, ruin our drinking water, and poison the center of community life for the Standing Rock Sioux.

With Aquaman himself taking a stand, it is great to see this petition gaining momentum and making a difference. It is also great to see Momoa taking his role as protector of the ocean seriously, as although his title may be fiction, there are real life environmental dangers - the Missouri and Cannon Ball River being a great example of this.

Sign here to help the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:


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