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In its first season, Supergirl proved itself to be a relative success for CBS and at the time its renewal seemed more than obvious. However, the announcement of a second season is still pending.

According to a report of TheWrap, CBS boss Leslie Moonves is reviewing his options and the future of the DC show is more than uncertain. CBS would like to see Supergirl come back for a second season but the $3 million per-episode price tag the network needs to pay in order to broadcast the show makes it one the most expensive. In addition, the steady decline of audience does not favor the show.

CBS and Warner Bros. have now two weeks to strike a deal before the upfront presentations in New-York. There's not much time left and WB has to look at other options to save the show.

Indeed, CBS is considering moving Supergirl to The CW. This potential outcome would make perfect sense as the network is the home to Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow and The Flash, whom already encountered the Girl Of Steel. The CW being co-owned by CBS and WB, this choice would be practical but not without consequences.

Moving Supergirl to The CW would mean big budget-cuts and a change of location from Los Angeles to Vancouver, something that producers wouldn't want to see happening. In the end, even if it may be appealing for fans, a change of network would probably do more harm than good.


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