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It's hero time! That's right we're back to talk about Ben 10 yet again with some interesting little factoids that you might not have known about this amazing franchise (up until Omniverse at least) and of course, it had to be ten reasons because DUH! These are not listed in any order, these are just a bunch of facts that I thought were quite interesting.

1. Whovians rejoice!

The time traveling British immortal and ally of Ben Tennyson known as Professor Paradox (played by David McCallum) was actually created as a tribute to the always amazing Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who, specifically the Tenth Doctor. Now imagine THAT crossover.

2. Ben's full name is Benjamin Kirby Tennyson

Ben's middle name 'Kirby' was from famous comic book writer, artist, and editor Jack Kirby. Kirby worked on many Marvel comics with Stan Lee such as the iconic Captain America #1 with the Star Spangled Man with a Plan sending a knuckle sandwich to Adolf Hitler himself.

3. Ben has Marvel connections

Speaking of Marvel, the creators of Ben 10 known as Man of Action also created the comic book known as Big Hero 6 which was then turned into Marvel's first CG animated movie of the same name. Guess they have a thing for characters with a number in their name.

4. Ben 10 did crossovers first!

CW's The Flash and CBS' Supergirl were not the first shows to cross universes to have a crossover. In 2012, Ben Tennyson actually traveled to another universe during Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and teamed up with the titular character of his own great (and underrated) show: Generator Rex. It was a two part crossover with Ben 10 receiving a complete overhaul in artstyle and featured many of Ben's past aliens that were not seen as much over the years.

5. A live action feature film was in the works

In 2011 a live action feature film of Ben 10 produced by Joel Silver under Warner Bros. and Dark Castle Entertainment was announced. Then in 2012, Albert Torres was confirmed as the writer of the screenplay. However in 2013 it was reported that Ryan Engle was being brought in to work on Torres' script. Now with Joel Silver having left Warner Bros and Dark Castle to go to Universal Studios, it is unclear whether the movie will be made by Warner Bros. or Universal, or even if the movie will be made at all. Only time will tell.

6. Two TV movies have already been made

Though speaking of movies, Ben 10 has actually already had two live action made for TV movies: one taking place right after the original series ended known as Ben 10: Race Against Time and the other taking place during the sequel series Ben 10: Alien Force called Ben 10: Alien Swarm.

7. The other Marvel connection

Returning to Marvel! In 1997 one of the members of Man of Action, Joe Kelly, wrote the first on-going solo series for the Merc With a Mouth himself. That's right, Deadpool. But the series wasn't so popular at the time, and he left after 33 issues. On one hand he must regret that due to the massive popularity of Deadpool today, but on the other hand he moved on to created Ben 10, so it all works out.

8. Ben was originally transforming into something much different

Originally, Ben was not going to transform into aliens but different versions of himself from alternate dimensions that evolved drastically different but it was simplified to aliens to not confuse viewers. Honestly I think I like the aliens idea more.

9. It references many other cartoons

Other Cartoon Network characters have appeared or are referenced in Ben 10 shows including Billy from the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Three kids who look just like Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon from Naruto appear in the episode "Merry Christmas," and Cow and Chicken from...well Cow & Chicken appear in Omniverse.

10. Waybig appeared once before his big reveal

The giant alien known as Waybig, whose big reveal wasn't until the Secret of the Omnitrix special, had a brief appearance in the episode (my personal favorite episode) titled "Ken 10," which took a look at the future with Ben's son Ken (presumably named after Ben's older cousin) and his first time receiving an Omnitrix. Ecstatic to transform into all kinds of aliens, Ken mentions Way Big as one of them and briefly becomes him during his battle with Kevin 11,000.

So there you have it: ten facts about Ben 10 that you may or may not know. It was a ton of fun making this list and I hope you all enjoyed it! Let me know if any of these got you going, "REALLY?!?" or not.

What Ben 10 fact did you enjoy the most?


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