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Another day, another FPS game! I've said before how I'm honestly getting a bit tired of the genre, what with it practically being dominated by franchises such as [Call Of Duty](tag:1068472) and Battlefield.

And while both of those game series are good, they haven't really brought anything fresh and interesting to the table. Although, Battlefield 1 is looking to the past to give us a potentially epic future experience.

But if you don't want to wait until October for a great FPS, or if you just want something without the CoD or BF title attached to it, look no further than [Overwatch](tag:3653378)!

Fun, Creative, And All About Teamwork!

Developed by Blizzard, the folk behind Diablo and World of Warcraft, Overwatch is an upcoming FPS "hero-shooter" game. A hero-shooter is basically a game that features a variety of different characters, known as heroes. Each hero has their own special class and abilities.

  • Offense Class characters have the highest amount of speed and damage than any other character, but also have the least amount of hit points, making them the easiest to kill
  • Defense Class characters provide protection for certain locations, and excel at trapping enemy teams and defending their teammates from them.
  • Tank Class characters are the largest characters, they're meant to demolish the enemy team! They also have the most hit points, meaning that they can draw enemy fire away from the rest of the team.
  • Support Class characters don't deal out a lot of damage, making it harder for them to kill enemy players, But, they bring to the table a variety of buffs and debuffs, such as healing teammates and weakening enemies.

The name of the game is teamwork when it comes to Overwatch! Seriously, I've never seen such a strategic first-person shooter. You can't all just be the same character, or kind of character, in this game. Well, you could, but you'd have a much harder time winning.

The key to victory relies heavily on choosing your character wisely, and making sure that they'll assist the team. Not only are the classes I mentioned above important to look at, but you also have to look at the type of character.

Even characters in the same class have different abilities, and one might be better suited for you than the other. There are currently 21 different characters in Overwatch, so there's a lot to pick from. Having played the beta, I've tried out every character, and have decided to make a list of five great characters for every kind of Overwatch player! If you'd like some help deciding which ones best fit your playing style, then check out the list below!

[Note: These are just my personal picks. You may play the game and find that the character I chose doesn't work you, and that's totally fine.]

1. Soldier: 76 - Offense Class

Let's start off with the deadliest class, offense! Like I said, the offense class provides players with fast and powerful characters, meant for one thing and one thing only; taking out enemies!

Soldier: 76 is the perfect character for this class, mainly because he's your standard FPS character. Soldier: 76 is an easy character to use for anyone who's ever played an FPS game. Armed with his trusty heavy pulse rifle, 76 can deal out damage no matter the range. If his rifle doesn't do the trick, Soldier: 76 can launch a volley of explosive missiles at his opponent, putting them near-death.

76 also has a biotic field, allowing him to heal himself on the field—a very useful ability, considering his health is so low. His ultimate is every player's best friend; a super accurate aim-assist known as the "tactical visor"! Using his ultimate makes it so that Soldier: 76 never misses a target, with his bullets following the target until they're taken out!

2. Junkrat - Defense Class

Next up is a character perfect for defense, but powerful enough to take the fight straight to the enemies! Junkrat is a strange guy from Australia, with a peg leg, an armored glove, and an arsenal of dangerous explosions and traps at his disposal.

First, there's his main weapon, which is a standard frag grenade launcher. It doesn't shoot fast, but packs a powerful punch! He's also got a land mine that he can use to blow enemies up, and a bear trap to temporarily incapacitate them.

His ultimate is a motorized tire armed with explosives. Junkrat can steer it right into an enemy and blow them sky high! Also, if you die, Junkrat will automatically expel grenades from his body, so make sure that when you die, it's right next a couple of unlucky enemy players.

Here's a little pro-tip from someone who is certainly not a pro: Junkrat's mine can be used as a launching mechanism if you blow it up right in front of you!

3. D. Va - Tank Class

If you're looking for a large, powerful, and difficult to kill kind of character, D. Va is the tank class character for you! D. Va's main weapon is her mobile mech suit itself. Her mech suit is armed with two rapid fusion cannons, a booster, and a defense shield to block enemy projectiles coming her way!

A great thing about D. Va is that if her health goes down to zero while she's in her mech, she'll hop out of it, essentially giving you a second chance! Her most powerful ability however, is her ultimate. When she's in her mech, D. Va's ultimate involves her hopping out and detonating it, killing everyone nearby. When she's out of her mech, D. Va can use her ultimate to call down a new one and get back into the action!

However, D. Va does have some notable weaknesses. Like every Tank character, D. Va doesn't really deal out a ton of damage with her main weapon. Her main weapon also has a very short range, and when she's firing it, she moves super slow. Also, just like every Tank character, D. Va should never go off on her own. When you're playing as D. Va, make sure to at least have a great support character right behind you. Speaking of which...

Mercy - Support Class

For players who want to assist the team in the best way possible, Mercy is the support character for you! The support class is more vital to the team then you may think, especially in a game like Overwatch.

As Mercy, you can help the team with your multi-use Caduceus staff. The Caduceus staff has two functions. The first function allows Mercy to shoot a yellow ray that heals teammates. The second function shoots out a blue ray, increasing the damage of any teammate she hits with it.

But even though a support's primary objective should be to assist the team, don't worry, the game doesn't leave you without a hostile weapon. Mercy's Caduceus Blaster is a small, automatic pistol. It doesn't have a lot of range, or power, so don't rely too heavily on it.

5. Widowmaker - Defense Class (Sniper)

I know I already listed a defense class character, but I'll make an exception for Widowmaker, because she's a very different kind of defense character; a sniper.

Sniper characters are very different from any other type of character, because they specialize in long range and powerful attacks. With her Widow's Kiss sniper rifle, Widowmaker can one shot, one kill anyone with a well-placed shot.

Her grappling hook lets her reach vantage points that other players can't normally reach, and her venom mine releases poison gas onto the enemy that triggers it. Her only weakness is her low amount of health, so make sure to stay far away and hidden when using her to avoid getting killed easily.

Those are the five characters I think are the best of their class! Of course, they might not work for you the same way they work for me.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the Overwatch beta before it ends TOMORROW! And you can get the full game when it hits shelves on May 24!

Thanks For Reading!

Who are your favorite Overwatch characters?


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