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In comic books, there is almost always going to be a fight. A lot of the time our heroes fight to the death. Although, sometimes the fights are just brutal and completely one-sided. Even when they are completely one-sided, they serve a purpose nonetheless. So allow me to break down some of my favorite beat downs and explain why they were so important.

Captain America vs. Iron Man

Still standing.
Still standing.

Since Captain America: Civil War is out, why not start with the fight between two of the greatest Avengers of all time? On paper, you'd assume that there is no way Iron Man could beat Captain America in a fight. Sure, if Stark kept the fight in the air, he could prolong the fight. But it's Captain America. With his shield, speed and tactical prowess, Steve Rogers should find a way to take down Iron Man. What Steve Rogers didn't plan on is Stark being aware that he has no chance of beating Steve Rogers in a fight.

During Civil War #3, Steve Rogers got a taste of what Iron Man can really do. Stark's armor has recorded every attack that Steve Rogers has ever made and has developed a counter attack for all of them. There was nothing Captain America could do. Steve Rogers has lost fights before, but not like this, and not to someone like Tony Stark. No matter how many times Cap got up, Stark kept knocking him back down.

Why was it important

Having Cap get beat down like this added a ton of heartache. Steve Rogers is the epitome of good (and as I stated earlier) — no one has ever put a whooping on Rogers that bad. And since it was pretty boy billionaire Tony Stark giving out the abuse, it probably pissed off a bunch of readers.

Peter Parker vs. The Kingpin

We've all seen how tough Wilson Fisk is in the Netflix series, in the comic book he is no slouch either. In hand-to-hand combat, Fisk may not be on the level of the greats like Iron Fist or Wolverine, but he's certainly not a pushover by any means. He's a big solid blob of evil that has no problem mixing it up with superheroes. While he may be tough, Wilson's arrogance makes him forget one simple thing: For all of his strength, he's just a man, and Peter Parker gave him a good reminder of that.

Wilson Fisk is, as Charlie Murphy says it, a habitual line-stepper. Fisk put out a hit on Peter Parker, which resulted in Peter's Aunt May accidentally getting shot instead. Peter went in search of who put the hit out and the trail lead him to Fisk, who was currently in jail.

Peter confronts Fisk and says nothing while Kingpin gave a speech about how great he is. Peter then hits him a bunch and stops. Fisk talks trash and Peter beats him down. When Peter eventually spoke, he reminded Fisk that for all his money he doesn't have true power. He's just a fat balloon and he (Peter) was a pin. Peter then proceeded to beat Fisk down on an embarrassing level; so much so, that at one point he picked up Fisk by the fat on his chest and slapped him over and over again. Peter left the fight telling Fisk that beating him like that in the prison in front of all these people that respected him was a fate worse than death for a guy like him. And he was right. Fisk left crawling back to his cell when he was originally planning on escaping.

Why was it important

Fisk has never been embarrassed like this. Sure he's been beaten up before, but he's never been exposed like this. Peter Parker (not Spider-Man) not only beat the snot out of Wilson Fisk, he did it in front of all of the people who respect him as the kingpin of crime.

Batman vs. Guy Gardner

Was this even a fight?
Was this even a fight?

The summary of this fight lasts longer than the fight itself. Guy Gardner is a member of the Green Lantern Coprs who has a reputation of being a bit of a loud, arrogant [email protected]$$. On this particular day, Garnder picked the wrong moment to challenge Batman. Gardnerwas being his normal boisterous self and made the mistake of talking smack to one of the most dangerous men in comic books; Batman. Well, if you're froggy, you might as well leap. Guy pulled his arm back to punch Batman and BOOM! Batman hit him once and knocked Guy out cold with one shot. Guy couldn't even get his first punch out. Moral of the story is: Batman can knock you out with one punch.

Why was it important

Guy Gardner needed to be brought down a peg or two, and nothing will do that more than a guy with no powers knocking you out with one punch and then your teammates laughing at you.

Superman vs. Batman (Injustice)

Batman needed time to analyze the pill that gave regular humans super strength and durability. The problem was that Superman was on his wayto the Batcave and Superman was in no mood to talk. All Superman knows is that Batman invaded his home and because of that, his father was injured and his mother was in harm's way. Superman shows up and Batman tries to prolong the conversation. Then, by doing the dumbest thing ever: He leaves the shadows, and that's when Superman grabs him and breaks his back. But it doesn't end there — Superman applies pressure to Batman's back in hopes of getting information out of him. Thankfully, someone comes along and takes care of Superman.

Why was it important

Sure, he just killed another Justice League member and former friend, but this is Batman. Bruce was going to be his child's godfather. But none of that mattered. This was the moment when you realized that Superman was not going back to being the good guy we knew.

Superman vs. Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred warned Superman. He should have listened. Alfred took the pill that Batman was analyzing and then proceeded to beat. Superman. DOWN! To quote Hyperion in Exiles, "Superman might have been man enough, but he just wasn't mean enough." Superman messed with Alfred's son and Alfred showed him what true power looks like.

Why was it important

Alfred has always been a badass — you have to be to work with Bruce every day. But we get to see Alfred at work and what he would do to someone who messed with his family.


What have we learned? That not all fighters are created equal and just because someone won a fight once, it certainly doesn't mean they will win the next time around. Kingpin has had a good fight or two against Spider-Man and Batman has beaten Superman. But on these particular days, the winners showed their opponents what they were really made of.

What are your favorite beat downs? Let me know in the comments below.


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