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Since Captain America: Civil War is releasing this week we should take a look at who is the most heroic out of the two.

Heroic History

Iron Man

Anthony Edward Stark gained his fortune by inheriting it from his father or adoptive father depending if you’re going by the comics or films. He’s captured by a terrorist group called the Ten Rings to develop weapons for their terrorist organization. Stark escapes by making a badass suit and all of a sudden grows a conscience, wanting to better the world by becoming an Iron Man and stopping all development of any weapons made by his company.

Captain America

A scrawny kid from the back alleys of New York, Steve Rogers wanted to do nothing but join the army and help America in WW2 but was rejected due to his frail body. Abraham Erskine notices Rogers being a hero at heart and puts him through the super soldier program where he becomes Captain America. Cap ends up helping win the war, losing friends on the way and sacrificing himself to save the day. Years later he’s found alive in the present day where he takes a job with Shield.

Round Winner: Cap wins this round just by the pure fact that he wanted to be put in harms way and save humanity when he had nothing and Tony Stark was a rich asshole who only changed due to a life altering event with a terrorist.


Tony Stark has the ability and ingenuity to create any weapon imaginable, hence why the Iron Man Suit is around as well as an army of suits created to work without a human counterpart.

Captain America has a shield. Wait, thats it’s? Oh and guns. And he’s really good at fighting too.

Round Winner: Iron Man Wins because well he's Iron Man. Explanation over.


Iron Man Helped Third World countries by getting rid of his own weapons used by terrorists, um which just seems like he’s just fixing a problem he made. He saved a bunch of people at an expo from robots and War Machine that was taken over by a sadistic freak with whips, um I guess he’s again fighting off his own weaponry since he did have a hand in creating War Machine. Oh well there was that time he fought a guy who could breath fire, the same guy who wanted to work with him but Stark instead made fun of him and turned him into an arch nemesis. Oh yes! He took down Ultron, a robot he helped create. Son of a… Oh he did sacrifice himself to help save New York from being destroyed by an alien invasion. Ding Ding Ding, he did something great for a change.

Captain America saved the world by sacrificing himself in order to take down a plane set to destroy major cities during WW2. He took down Shield which was secretly being ran by Hydra which were creating a diabolical plan to kills millions. He is the leader of the Avengers, a group who took out an alien invasion sent by Loki and was instrumental in defeating Ultron, a robot Tony Stark built.

Round Winner: Cap, this guy bleeds hero.

And The Winner is Captain America.

If you want to see who wins in a fight, I guess you’ll have to check out Captain America: Civil War for that verdict and let me know who you think the best hero by clicking on the poll below.


Who is the best hero out of Iron Man and Captain America?


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