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The Sons of Anarchy follow-up series seems to be coming together quite nicely. While there haven't bee too many details released as of yet, we do know that the show will focus on the Mayans, the Hispanic biker gang from the original series.

Now to address the most crucial question: Is Charlie Hunnam's character Jax Teller going to make an appearance? The answer is pretty vague, but it's not looking good.

Showrunner/writer Kurt Sutter recently revealed that the spinoff would not include any characters from the original series, but rather, it would stands on its own. The show also aims to focus on the biker gang subculture from a Latino perspective, which means that throwing Jax into the mix might steer away from that direction.

It also wouldn't make sense to include Jax in the show if it takes place in the future. If the spinoff ran parallel to SoA, then Jax could make an appearance, but that would be incredibly repetitive. Not to mention the fact that Hunnam's acting schedule looks insanely packed for the next several months — with four films in the pipeline — so it all seems very unlikely.

While I will mourn the loss of the talented (and wildly hot) Hunnam for the follow-up, I have to remind myself that it's not all bad. After all, I've always had a little thing for the mustachioed, sexy bad-boy Marcus Álvarez. So crisis averted.

[Source: International Business Times]


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