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JoBlo got a chance to talk with Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, the screenwriters behind Avengers: Infinity War, this week, and we got some great new information and quotes. Check it out:

1: When Asked About Using Jim Starlin's Comics

Stephen said:

We tend to take the ingredients and make a different meal out of it. WINTER SOLDIER owes a great deal to the Brubaker run but it’s not the Brubaker run. CIVIL WAR owes a great deal to Millar, but it’s not close to the Civil War run. So we’ll do the same thing with Thanos and his gauntlet.

For all who don't know, Jim Starlin created Thanos, the main villain behind Infinity War as well as a major portion of the MCU to date.

2: Discussing Thanos' Origin

Christopher couldn't reveal anything about Thanos' story but did have this to add:

We can reveal nothing, but we are equally fascinated. Legitimately we are fascinated by Thanos.

Stephen weighed in as well:

There are a lot of reasons we took the job but one of them was wow, we get to take the biggest villain Marvel has ever has and try and do him justice.

It's nice to know that they recognize the scale of Thanos n the comic and how we expect to see him in the MCU.

3: Weighing In On Marvel's Villain Issues

Movie Pilot's Dalton Tevlin wrote a great run down of the 'villain problem' and how Stephen and Christopher felt. Check it out:

I love that they brought out that Marvel TV has deeper villains because they get 45 minutes multiplied by 13 or 22 episodes in which to expound on characters and backstories. It seems like we can be confident that Thanos will be treated in a way worthy of his comics endeavors. He's in good hands!

What do you think? Does Marvel have a villain problem? Are McFeely and Markus on the right track to fixing it? Tell me your opinion in the comments! And make sure to check out Captain America: Civil War which comes out today in the U.S.


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