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At the end of the season five finale 'Swan Song', it was strongly hinted that 'Prophet of the Lord' Carver Edlund, aka Chuck, was more than he appeared. More to the point, that he was G-dawg himself -GOD. It took six more seasons, but all is now revealed - Chuck IS GOD!

Metatron (the artist previously known as the scribe of GOD), now human, is dumpster diving for his dinner. In his frustration he screams, 'I give up!', and is teleported to a bar where Chuck/GOD is waiting, with a 'World's Greatest Dad' mug prominently displayed - Nice! Metatron doesn't believe it until Chuck gives him some magic shades so he can reveal his true self.

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

To say this ep is meta as hell would be a massive understatement. One of the great things about this show is how it has such a great sense of humor about itself, which it displays often - warts and all. Like Chuck's mention of his new book series 'Revolution' (creator Eric Kripke's long ago cancelled TV series), which he concedes probably won't go anywhere. Or his derogatory mention of the craptastic episode 'Bugs' from Season 1.

Turns out Chuck wants to get the band back together, and have Metatron work with him as editor of his autobiography, 'GOD: An Autobiography'. As Metatron previously mentioned to Chuck - 'Maybe titles aren't your thing' - Amen.

While they talk bout where Chuck has been all this time, letting everyone basically twist in the wind, B.B. King's 'The Thrill is Gone' is heard in the background as counterpoint - subtle and brilliant.

As Metatron reads the pages, he realizes that Chuck has basically held back on everything, not telling HIS truth - no mentions of sis Amara, glossing over the Lucifer thing, nothing but his new Chuck life of blogging about cats, discovering Snapchat, and dating both sexes (TMI Chuck!).

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

Metatron basically call BS on Chuck, asking him if he wants and honest story (like 'Life' by Keith Richards) or a fake one ('Wouldn't it be Nice' by Brian Wilson). Chuck wants honest, so he decides to dig deep and write for himself, an audience of one.

The resulting book has hilarious titles like:

'Chapter 10: Why I Never Answer Prayers and You Should Be Glad I Don’t' and

'Chapter 11: The Truth About Divine Intervention and Why I Avoid It At All Costs'.

Metatron pushes him by asking why he created life in the first place. Chuck's response? 'Because I was lonely.' But what about sis Amara? Chuck came back with, 'I am being, she is nothingness.' No wonder he was lonely! Turns out, in the beginning, Chuck created worlds and Amara would destroy them - bummer!

As far a Chuck being the 'absentee father', his explanation is basically that nature is perfect, but his human creations are 'toxic'. They are a 'failed experiment' in his eyes, so they are on their own. He also blames the resurgence of Amara on the boys - that Sam couldn't live with Demon Dean - so everything that followed from that decision led to Amara being unleashed.

Metatron calls Chuck a coward for not being involved in the worlds and souls he created. This is the point where the vengeful side of Chuck comes out for a hot second - and it's pretty scary. As strange as it sounds, it is Metatron pleading for the human race that moves Chuck enough to write an ending to his story.

The b side of the ep involves Sam and Dean battling a killer fog unleashed on a small town by Amara. The fog induces the same black vein craziness that engulfed Sam earlier in the season, but this one can't be defeated like Sam was able to do months ago. The boys can't stop the fog, and everyone gets infected except Dean - his connection to Amara evidently makes him immune. Things are dire indeed, with no hope in sight.

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

Back in heaven(?) Chuck gives Metatron the final pages, picks up a guitar and starts singing 'Fare the Well'. The creepiest part included this little nugget:

'One o' these days, and it won't be long,

Call my name and I'll be gone.

Fare thee well, O Honey, fare thee well.'

Metatron reads the final pages and is clearly stunned.

Back on Earth, the fog mysteriously disappears, with Sam and all the stricken immediately healed. Sam and Dean are totally confused by their good fortune, and are even more shocked when Sam's jacket pocket begins to glow brightly. Dean pulls out his necklace, the 'Samulet' that is supposed to glow in the presence of GOD. Out to the street they go, and come face to face with Chuck. Chuck gives them a wry smile and says, 'We should probably talk.'

WOW! Clearly the best ep this year - hell, in many years! At times very funny and wildly meta, it was also a thoughtful and extremely well written treatise on religion, faith, music, art, writing and so much more.

BTW the 'Wonder Boys' reference in the title is because the Metatron/Chuck scenes thematically reminded me of the Michael Douglas/Tobey Maguire scenes on the nature of writing and creation in the great film 'Wonder Boys'. Or as Chuck once said so eloquently:

Best lines of the night:

Chuck - “All the kneeling and stuff, it’s always made me deeply uncomfortable.”

Chuck - “You know what humanity’s greatest creation has been? Music. That and nacho cheese, even I couldn’t have dreamt up that deliciousness.”

Chuck on Amara - “I was stupid, naïve. I thought that if I could show my sister that there was something more than just us, something better than us, then maybe she’d maybe she’d change. Maybe she’d stop being her. But every time I’d build a new world, she’d destroy it.”

Metatron to Chuck on humans - “They are your greatest creation because they’re better than you are. Sure, they’re weak and they cheat and steal and destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all, they never give up. But you do.”

Will Chuck and Amara have a smack-down for the ages? Will Chuck need Lucifer again to vanquish Amara? And what side will Dean end up on, considering he has an unwanted, yet elemental connection to Amara? So many questions!


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