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James Toal

After casually watching TV an advertisement for the newest entry in the X-men franchise appeared on my screen. I passively watched until the realisation struck me that this was not an typical TV spot. To my surprise it turned out to be an ad for sky broadband in which the character Quicksilver shows how fast he is compared to the speed of the broadband. To be honest it felt like part of my interest in the film died a little bit due to this advert.

I know It’s not an uncommon thing for films to help sell products are combined, who else would buy this crappy cereal if we didn’t stick Darth Vader on the cover? But what I’ve noticed is the trend with the Sky adverts and films they linked themselves too. Notably with Toy Story and Inside out have been used to help advertise their films and also show off that fast internet speed that characters point to the giant billboard or modem with Sky’s logo on everything.

I know advertising for movies can be useful and gather a lot of interest in the product they are selling to its audience. But there has to be a line somewhere? A line when a company like Pixar, who have made classic kid movies enjoyed by families, doesn’t use their characters just to sell something. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this but I’m just thinking of the scenario when making an ad for Inside out or X-men, the original creators of these characters are thinking;

“These characters represents parts of myself, aspects of people I have met throughout my life. Imagine all of the situations I can put them through… Like how they would want a better internet speed, and then they look at a billboard and see how cheap broadband can be.”

It just feels lifeless and cold to me, something you’ve created and now intending to be seen for children and young adults can be exploited just to sell a bunch of excess warehouse garbage. Just think it’s something to think about.


What do you think of the X-men/Sky Ad?


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