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Back in 1978, John Carpenter set free to the world one of the most iconic horror movies ever seen, about a young boy called Michael Myers that went to a mental institution for stabbing and killing his older sister.

In 2007, Rob Zombie grabs that base script and turns it around to create a new version of that story.

The origin of one of horror cinema's greatest characters is shown in quite some detail, as it takes the entire first half of the movie to give us context of everything that led to him becoming the murderer he is. From bullying at school, to an abusive step-father, Michael had a hard life. Only his mother and his baby sister gave him comfort.

Until on Halloween night he decides he's had enough and kills his older sister, her boyfriend and the step-father, being eventually institutionalized, where under the care of Dr. Samuel Loomis, he grows to be a strong, yet quiet man.

Fifteen years later, an abusive guard decides to rape a recently institutionalized in Michael's room, which makes him kill the guard and his cousin, eventually escaping from the institution and back to the town he came from, to find his baby sister.

While he's out on the run, the town is turned upside down and massacred, as nothing stops in the way of Michael Myers.

This is a movie that hits all the right notes when it comes to creating the ideal homage of such a classic. With Zombie's cinema background, Halloween feels a lot like a grown up version of House of 1000 Corpses, where the horror, while shocking, isn't is first intention.

The closer to the end of the movie, the more tense it gets, moment by moment, creeping up at every moment, with emotions running wild at a relatively fast pace. The blend between what you see and the amazing score also helps with those feelings of fear.

The best part is that this movie looks and feels like it's supposed to: A classic horror film. Nevermind those cheap remakes and reboots, that are made to profit off a characters reputation. Halloween is the real deal and better yet, there's a sequel!

Perfect for that movie night with friends who are probably going to get frightened a couple of times.


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