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Marvel has been around for many years, and has captured the hearts of millions around the world, and Civil War is a winner.

Continuing the tale of Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers and the other Avengers, Captain America: Civil War proves that if the film makers care about these characters and are willing to tell a good story, then wonders can happen. SPOILERS ahead, read at your own risk.


While in Civil War, you have an emotional package, ready to be delivered. The film starts with Bucky in a Hydra base, being held, and experimented. He then is send on a mission to kill some people, and those people are Tony Stark's parents, Howard and Maria Stark, which concludes in some of the most emotional scenes in comic book movie history.

The film continues in Lagos, where some members of the Avengers led by Captain America are chasing after Crossbones for a biological weapon.

Then, after it's revealed that Crossbones is a suicide bomber, and when trying to control the blast, Scarlet Witch causes a mass explosion, which kills many Wakandians.

The plot goes forward in a good way, with it moving organicaly, and giving the characters time, and the dialogue is on point, a good exchange between characters. Tony is the character that shines in this movie, with him just wanting to do the right thing, but the right thing is not so right, isn't it?

Falsely chasing the Winter Soldier for the attack on UN and keeping Wanda away, like a slave. His character is what makes this film emotional, after he learns off Bucky killing his parents, in a brutal way, he loses it, and just wants nothing more than revenge.

The big action set piece of Civil War is the airport fight that takes place in the middle of the film, and MY SWEET LORD', it's amazing.

The action, the movements, the versus fights, the humour while fighting and the great vibe of the whole scene. The Raid style fighting style made this scene even more awesome.

Black Panther VS Winter Soldier, Cap VS Stark, WS, Falcon VS Spidey! It's amazing to see all these heroes fight with good reasons and just in such a gorgeous display.

Plus, if you go see Civil War, PREPARE for the amazing scene you're gonna witness, it's pure beauty. Marvel, kudos from me.

The characters are what drive this film forward, Cap and Iron Man are my favorites, but the one that shined was Spidey.

Living in Queens with his Aunt May, who's really 'attractive' according to Tony, who has been fighting crime with a crappy suit that looks so homemade it hurts. Then, he recruits him and let's him fight in the airport brawl. He's funny, witty, heartfelt and freaking amazing. Plus...Aunt May..yeah, you know what is going on, she's way too hot to be an aunt or Aunt May. Jeez.

"Captain America: Civil War is a great film. Filled with action, seriousness, heart, humour and great moments. Marvel prove themselves once again"


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