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In an act of pet parenting awesomeness, Oliver Turpin, a dedicated movie buff and pet lover, decided to go above and beyond and build his tortoise buddy, King Louie, a detailed replica of John Hammond's legendary Jurassic Park. While our tortoise friend's new playpen may be a bit smaller than the original, the overall effect is spot-on!

The reptilian paradise features the legendary Jurassic Park double wooden gates as the entrance. No detail was left unattended to, from textured wood, to the flaming tortures, to the iconic font of the Jurassic Park sign.

Next up on our tour of the park is the interactive Jurassic Park Discovery Center! Here, visitors can learn all about the many animals that roam the forests and planes of the park and observe scientists at work assessing the genetic codes and eggs of future generations of dinos. However, our tortoise friend seems much more interested in the greenery found in front of the Discovery Center rather than what's found inside.

But not everything is perfect in the park — iIt is a dinosaur park after all! Needless to say, the occasional dinosaur will get a little restless and wreak havoc on the park.

Here, we see a busted up electrical fence. Did some ravenous velociraptors decide to go rogue this time around too? Not likely. King Louie probably gorged himself a tad bit too much on the ample grass, and the fences simply could not handle his mighty girth!

Basically, this is the luckiest, most pampered tortoise in the universe, and everyone, both pet and human, should be jealous of his new play area! The only thing missing in his play pen is a little jeep! Have fun, little buddy!

If you have any fun pet projects, please share them below!


Crocheted dino costumes for your tortoise is also a thing, so enjoy!


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