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Captain America turns 75 this year, and most of that time, it's not just the pages of Marvel comics of which he has been a part; in fact in most of that time, he's been on our TV sets or our movie screens. Bet you didn't know about all the incarnations of Captain America... the propaganda 1940's serials, the failed made for TV movies, the unlicensed foreign films or the straight to video release in the 1990s.

It hasn't all been success stories for the iconic Captain of the Marvel Universe, in fact, many may not know that he wasn't even created by Marvel comics. Many might not know that he wasn't the 'First Avenger' by any means. (Although I have a feeling many of you DO know that, but I hope there are still some surprises, and a few incarnations you've never seen before!

With the release of the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War, the timing seems perfect that we thaw out the cinematic story of the Cap. . So sit back and enjoy 75 years of history in less than 10 minutes as Reel School gives you The Captain's Chronicle: the History of Captain America on film!

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