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BG Blogger explains why "The Magic of David Copperfield V: The Statue of Liberty Disappears" is the perfect title for Episode 408 of The Americans

An average American family gathers around to watch an event that millions of other Americans have tuned the dials on their televisions to watch.

With a wave of his arms, David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty vanish before everyone's eyes.

The son is astounded. The daughter smiles. The parents exchange looks and subtle grins.

On the screen the magician begins to explain why he decided to do the trick, saying that he realized:

And just like that, the Statue of Liberty returns.

Americans across the country have learned an important message about freedom.

They are energized and now thinking of how important their ability to be "free" truly is.

But not in this house.

Because this seemingly average family, isn't average at all.

Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are an extension of the very thing that Copperfield hoped to warn people about. They represent a cause that is the antithesis of the American way, but you would never think it.

Not when you see their pretty daughter celebrating a shot on the miniature golf course with her pastor and his wife.

Not when you see the two of them playing hockey in the driveway with their son or giving a pleasant wave to Pastor Tim and Alice.

They are masters of illusion.

Not only do they go unnoticed by everyone around them, including Agent Beeman across the street, but despite every despicable thing they do, they make us root for them.

When Agent Gaad warns Beeman:

he is talking as much to us as he is to his now former colleague.

We mustn't forget who the heroes of The Americans are, what they're capable of, what they are fighting for.

We mustn't forget.

But we will.

We will in the next episode.

We always do because Phillip and Elizabeth are much more skilled masters of illusion than David Copperfield could ever have aspired to be.


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