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It's always sad to see movie franchises come to an end, even if they're the most loved and hated (at the same time) movies ever made.

Case in point: the Transformers movies.

They stink it up on, but at the same time, people flock in droves to see them on-screen. The first four movies have made $3.7 billion dollars, while the combined ratings on have equalled a whopping 131%. That's an average of just 32.75% per movie.

Even Waterworld got 42%!

But nobody cares! They love/hate the Transformers! Michael Bay could make 'Transformer 47: Somethingicons vs. Whateverbots,' and people would spend money to see it.

But with T5 being announced, T6 and maybe T7 can't be too far behind. Mr. Bay has said he wants to make a 5th and final one, but something tells me he'll stick around for two more, if they even get made. Who would pass up a paycheck like that?

According to this article, numbers 5-7 are slated to be made over the next three years. That's one per year!

But it begs the question; what more could they possibly write about?

After all the really evil, awesome-looking, crowd-drawing Decepticons have been fought and defeated, what's left? Well, reddit user INGWR posted a pretty good theory a while back, one that actually ties in with the last movie, where those pesky humans are killing Transformers and using the scrap metal to make their own bots.

Here are some of his ideas, mixed with a couple of mine, with a little Nutella spread on the top (that'd be my idea):

Some time after the events of Age of Extinction, the humans find themselves in a pickle. All their Transformium has been depleted, making it very tough to make Transformers.

Because that's what grown-ass men do -- make robots that turn into cars and stuff.

So what do they do? Using the Transformer technology, they create the AllSpark, of course! It's probably accidental, too. A Sam Witwicky-esque clutz accidentally drops some Nutella into a Transformer making machine, and creates the AllSpark. Why Nutella? Because it's freakin' magical, that's why!


They use the AllSpark to create Transformers by the thousands, and boom! The robots get pissed and take over Earth, maybe even transforming it into Cybertron. But for this theory, we'll just say the left Earth and created Cybertron. This is WAY in the future, by the way.

The last human on earth, knowing he can't do anything but piss off the big robots by this point, and knowing that the NutellaSpark (or AllSpark) has time-traveling capabilities, sends the Spark back in time millions of years to prehistoric Earth. And along with it comes Cybertron.

This is the part where all the Transformers start looking for the AllSpark, Megatron gets frozen, Sam's ancestor goes crazy, etc. And thus begins the big circle of robo-life. Human-looking Transformers. Human-killing Transformers. Transformer-transporting human. Pretty slick, huh?

That would be the best way to finish out the franchise, whether it be in movie #5, 6 or 7. Then, with the Transformers put to bed for good, people could go back to complaining about Fast and Furious, which by then would probably be ready to poop out movie number 12.

What do you think? Good theory? Wacko? Let me know!


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