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Hey Horror hounds and Hero fans, I've searched the internet and beyond to find some of the craziest movie mashup ideas and images around. Let's take a look at several of these excellent fan made photo's and discuss the dark alter ego's our heroes have been given. It's not such a ridiculous line to draw, many of our favorite heroes have had traumatic events in their past which have shaped their personality and their hunger for justice. I find this to be extremely similar to the back stories of some of our favorite horror Icons who also have a dark past that's forever changed their future and set them down the path of bloody revenge. I think we're in for a very interesting journey so buckle Horror Hounds and Superhero fans alike. This is When Hero's And Horror Collide. 10 Amazing Movie Mashups.

#1: Thor/Leatherface:

Given Thor's good looks and winning smile, it may be hard to see him as a chainsaw wielding madman wearing a mask made of human flesh. I'd say this comparison is right on though. Thor and Leatherface share a common thread, family. Thor is an outsider here on Earth and let's face it, his nearest blood relatives are always pulling him into some sort of obligatory combat. Leatherface knows the feeling; he's forever being thrown into conflict by his psychotic brother and other macabre members of this cannibalistic clan. Physically they're both large and menacing and curiously enough, they can both swing a hammer like nobody else.

#2: Captain America/American Psycho

The pressure to be perfect can really drive a guy crazy. While a lot of people may think the better mashup here would be a Bateman/Batman fusion, I'd have to disagree. We know where Bruce Wayne goes at night when his 10,000 dollar Versace suit hits his Venetian marble floor. However, you have to wonder just where and how our All-American pretty boy releases the stress of constantly living his superhero identity. I can imagine the trials of everyday life pushing the Captain into a wild night life with a growing urge to do something dark and dirty. It's always the clean cut quiet ones that cause the most trouble. Let's hope Tony Stark doesn't change his business cards anytime soon.

#3 - #10: The X-Men/Horror Hall Of Famers

Here we find one of our greatest Superhero teams after a strange metamorphosis has taken them to a new dimension of Terror. Cyclopes shares the same creepy stance of Michael Myers, though some would argue his glare is a bit more troubling than Michael's. Deadpool is channeling Jason Voorhees which leads me to believe this must be the character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, being as that's the only mute Wade Wilson we'll hopefully ever see. Jean Grey is a great choice as Carrie, they even share some of the same powers and have both been treated poorly by others because of their abilities. They've both also gotten sick of the grief and burnt the whole place down before, caution: these ladies are incendiary and extremely flammable. Storm becomes the Mistress of The Night, Lockheed the alien dragon finds his inner Chuckster, and Rogue steps through the screen as Samara from The Ring. Wolverine's gruff voice, inability to die and razor sharp weapon of choice make him an easy fit as Freddy, even though they share very little personality wise. Finally we reach our good professor. Xavier seems torn as the maniacal demon from Hellraiser, he has the power to control your thoughts, let's hope he doesn't discover that it's much easier to simply rip your mind apart.

That's all for now Horror Hounds and Hero Fans. I can't wait to hear your thoughts below on what your favorite horror/hero mashups are. Maybe you've thought of a few other fans haven't yet. Don't Forget To Follow Me Here for more great movie articles and breaking news from the world of film. Can't wait to hear your ideas below. See you next time movie lovers.


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