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Nerf herders! Alden Ehrenreich will be taking the Solo mantle, here's what you need to know!

Here you have it, folks. A source has confirmed to Page Six that Alden Ehrenreich has officially been cast as young Han Solo in the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars spin-off film. I have to say, I am beyond pleased with this decision. As rumors swirled about the competing prospects for young Solo, Alden's name was always at the top of my list. He was the only one that had the 'Solo swag' as I like to call it. Alden has it, Harrison Ford has it, his sister has — OK you get it. Lucasfilm has yet to make an official announcement and Disney has declined to comment, but sources say he is mid-negotiations on the deal, and once sealed, an official announcement will be released.

We don't know much yet about the film itself, except that it is being directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and is titled Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Miller posted the first photo from the Han Solo film set yesterday on his Instagram as shooting began, which happened to be of Solo's signature blaster! Seems he was celebrating the casting news under wraps!

So, now that we have our Han Solo, let's take a closer look at the 26-year-old, relatively unknown actor. You may have recently seen him in Hail, Caesar!, but beyond that, he's been rarely spotted in the galaxy of Hollywood! Turns out he has worked with some serious Hollywood heavyweights, and you'll never guess who discovered him! Oh, and don't worry, we will teach you how to pronounce his name!

Here is what you need to know!

  • He's 26 years old and was raised in Los Angeles, CA in a Jewish family.
  • He was discovered by Steven Spielberg at a friends bat mitzvah.
  • He had a one-shot role on the CW's Supernatural.
  • His first role was in a Coppola film titled Tetro.
  • He starred in the film adaptation of the bestselling YA novel, Beautiful Creatures as Ethan Wate.
  • He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for the above.
  • He auditioned for Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman, and then Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spiderman 2.
  • Here is how to CORRECTLY pronounce his last name: eye-ren-rike. You're welcome.

Still not convinced he's the guy for the role? Check out this awesome featurette of Alden from Hail, Caesar! where he plays a cocky smart-mouthed western scoundrel thrown into a class much different than his own like a fish out of water. Hmmm — wonder who that sounds like?

There you have it! This is HUGE news in the Star Wars world, as Han Solo's solo film has been one of the most highly-anticipated continuations of the Star Wars anthology. Alden, in my opinion, is a SOLID actor, and while he doesn't look like Harrison Ford, he does have a 'Solo' look to him. Personally, I'm glad they didn't base it on looks too heavily, because my main concern was who could confidently pull off Han Solo following in the footsteps of Ford, but bring in his own elements and make it fresh! From the work I have seen Alden do, I feel confident he has it in the bag. Comedic timing, 'Solo swag' (as I mentioned earlier), and a passion for Star Wars and classic filmmaking. All in all, the force is definitely with the stand-alone Han Solo film! Congrats Alden, and welcome to the galaxy far, far away!


Do you think Alden was the right choice for young Han Solo?


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