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"I could do this all day" a line by Chris Evans' Captain America from his newest film Captain America: Civil War (and callback to his first film). What's funny is when it comes to watching Marvel Cinematic Universe films though, I COULD literally do this all day! Kicking off Phase 3 with not only a bang, but an implosion.

Below I did a video review where I cover the Good, the Bad, a Spoiler section and give an overall rating of the film. Please give it a watch here:

People have been stating that this film very well could be the MCU's best. I'm going to bring up a few points that argue on why this perhaps is Marvel's new top film but don't get me wrong, It's not perfect. That means I'm going to be bringing up some flaws that stuck out that could knock this down a few pegs on everybody's list.

What do you think? Let's dive in.

1. Drama/Character Moments

We have debated ever since 2008 when Iron Man kicked off this universe over which film is the best. I'll be honest, I feel like every re-vist of one of these films on DVD, I grow to enjoy some over the others. Other viewings I change that opinion months later. The can probably be said for many fans like myself. However, it seems there are always a handful that are in contention for the BEST Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Those typical include (in no particualar order):

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Iron Man
The Avengers
Guardians of the Galaxy

So, what makes these better than other films such as Thor: The Dark World or even Avengers: Age of Ultron? I personally think that these films dazzle the eye with not only amazing action spectacles but also intriguing character development. We loved the original Iron Man because that told the journey of a billionaire playboy pompous a**hole who used his genius to build big weapons into a man with perspective and the desire to build a suit for protection. Oh and he can still be pompous but we love him for it!

We enjoy the quieter dramatic moments in between the action, like when Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy revealed the whole reason he cares so much about his music is because that was something he shared with his dead mother. Others have said that one of their favorite moments in The Avengers is when all the members of the team argue in front of Loki's scepter.

I think Captain America: Civil War succeeds in providing slower scenes that provide dramatic tension. I applaud the Russo brothers and the writers for accomplishing that with all these characters. Brief examples without spoiling anything include Tony Stark being confronted by a grieving mother over the loss of her child during the attacks in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vision attempting to cook Scarlett Witch dinner or even Black Widow consoling Black Panther following a loss of his. I can't even count all the scenes between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark just talking that I was thoroughly enjoying!

2. Introducing New Characters

This marks the 13th MCU film. When you really break it down, how many heroes have their own solo movie? There is Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk (yes, The Incredible Hulk counts) and Ant-Man. I'm excluding Guardians of the Galaxy from that list simply because it was a team movie. That makes only five heroes with solo movies. Only five! That's crazy!

That means Marvel has had to slowly introduce new Avenger team members such as Black Widow, Hawkeye, Vision, Falcon, Winter Soldier and War Machine. Oh and those are only counting the members of the Avengers. That doesn't include S.H.I.E.L.D characters or love interests or other regular human supporting roles.

I believe Captain America: Civil War did a TREMENDOUS job not only giving moments to our established heroes in the universe but also gave us new characters to look forward to getting to know. The first two that come to mind are Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman and Peter Parker/Spider-man (rebooted and brought over from Sony) played by Tom Holland.

Both of these characters weren't given a significant amount of time but the Russo brothers made sure that every moment counted for them. They gave us enough to not only enjoy the current film we are in, but also be excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming that will be out next year 2017 as well as Black Panther in 2018.

3. The Action

What makes every summer blockbuster superhero movie fun? Of course it's the spectacle of amazing action sequences. How well did Captain America: Civil War do in the action department? Well, this airport team vs. team battle scene that is pictured above is being deemed one of the, if not the GREATEST comic book action film sequence OF ALL TIME. Not exaggerating for effect either. Many critics have said that very sentence. I would quote them but this isn't a college paper where I need to give you a bibliography. Just google it if you don't believe me!

I certainly think that this scene will be talked about for years. All of our favorite heroes colliding together to give us a mish-mash of tension, eye-popping fights, genuine surprises and most importantly it's just pure f*cking fun!

Now, before I get to my conclusion I may dabble in spoiler territory so if you're worried go ahead and just go watch my video review posted above. I don't think these are spoilers but just in case, don't say I didn't warn you.


So, I just gave you 3 reasons I think Captain America: Civil War could be the best Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date, but is it? This article may have just been me praising seemingly everything about this movie. I'll be the first to tell you that it certainly isn't perfect. What drags it down from not climbing to the #1 spot though?

Well, if you see my video review above, I think this film suffers from a handful of things that could be considered nit-picky.

  • Another Villain that just isn't that special
  • No Major Deaths
  • Captain America/Chris Evans got overshadowed in his own movie
  • The ending felt a bit of an odd cliffhanger
  • No memorable musical score

These negatives aren't things that bring Civil War in the same area as Iron Man 2 as one of the worst MCU outings or anything, but they bring it down enough to not be #1. Trust me though, Captain America: Civil War is worth every penny to see in theaters and I may go see it a second time. It begs the question though on what film in Phase 3 if any will topple the greats as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy as the absolute best?

The Russo brothers are in charge of Avengers: Infinity War both parts 1 and 2 so they very well could do it!

I would LOVE to discuss this all with you readers though. What do you guys think? Is this your favorite MCU film? Why or why not? I'm going to be doing an updated ranking of all the films in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that and you can do that by FOLLOWING me here for more articles.

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