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The man in the Iron Mask revealed by a hint in Flash?

Ever since the identity of zoom was revealed and the sojourn into Earth two, people have been talking and discussing the man in the Iron Mask. However unlike the normal people speculation I believe to some extent the code has been cracked by a hint in the latest episode of the flash. Here are the hints:

1) Henry Allen said Garrick was his mother's maiden name

We know that Jay Garrick was the name of the false identity created by zoom to give people false hope. Could it be possible that the real jay garrick has some relation to Henry? Or that there is a real Jay Garrick ?

2) Greg Berlanti said that they love Jay Garrick and would never make him a baddie

This is very important coming from the show creator. This is a major indicator that there is a good Jay.

3) The man constantly taps Jay

The iron mask man has constantly tapped one thing in the glass... Jay Garrick. And he got very upset when Barry says that Jay is with them. Is he angry over his I.d being stolen?

4) The common choice of Wally seems a bit forced

There have been hints of Wally West being the Flash. Joe mentions that Wally's doppelganger would be an interesting sight. We haven't seen the doppelganger. He is a speedster in the comics. But the flash has given red herrings before. All signs pointed to Henry as zoom too.

5)Henry was the flash originally

This is key data. Henry was the flash in the old show. Some sort of homage of him as a speedster which would be a tribute as well as the perfect linkage between the multiverse of the new and old show.

The Answer: Henry Allen

Henry is the man in the iron mask. He was the original Jay Garrick, captured by zoom and his identity stolen. While Barrys mum says that he is with her on holiday in Atlantis we never hear him or see him on Earth 2. So what do you think? Leave responses in the comments below.


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