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Third time's one more charm for Ryan Murphy, who, following American Horror Story and American Crime Story success, is staying on with FX to kick-start a whole new anthology project titled Feuds — and, it sounds awesome.

via Vanity Fair
via Vanity Fair

According to Variety's report, Feuds is a feud themed straight-to-series drama “that will explore the bouts and blows of epic conflicts.” The first installment is an eight-episode season focusing on the legendary backstage battle between two of Hollywood's golden superstars: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, played by Susan Sarandon as Davis and Jessica Lange as Crawford.

The synopsis is as follows:

The first season of 'Feud' will tell the story of the legendary rivalry between two of the greatest movie stars of all time, Crawford (Lange) and Davis (Sarandon), and how they came together in 1962 to collaborate on a picture each hoped would revive their careers — “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” which received five Academy Award nominations and became a cult classic, but not without the horror of the two women working together.

Hailing from Fox 21 TV Studios and Plan B, Alfred Molina, Stanley Tucci, Judy Davis and Dominic Burgess beef out the rest of the cast, and Brad Pitt serves as exec producer alongside Ryan Murphy.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Feuds is set to head into production later this year and will smash onto screens via FX in 2017.

Which epic Hollywood battle would you love to see covered in Feud?

Source: Variety


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