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In a recent interview with Hollywood Today, The Flash's Tom Cavanagh, a.k.a Dr. Harrison Wells, might have let slip that Supergirl's network move is already in action. Talking of The CW's superhero presence in Vancouver, he said:

"We like to call it an empire. ... I think 'Supergirl' is coming over there next week, 'Legends [of Tomorrow'] shoots up there, 'Arrow' shoots up there, we shoot up there, all the superheroes shoot up there."

Inneresting. Could this be just another crossover episode, then? Or could this be the move everyone predicted?


As MP reported yesterday, the primary reason Supergirl's renewal is currently up in the air is largely down to the insane $3 million PER EPISODE licensing cost. The character is owned by DC Comics, which is in turn owned by Warner Bros., so add in a hefty network fee and, well, that shit is expensive. Too expensive for CBS.

Via Hollywood Today
Via Hollywood Today

The most sensible way to move around this then, would be to move Kara et al over to a superheroes TV universe, i.e., The CW, thus bringing her to the same stomping ground as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. And, as the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode was so successful last month, this wouldn't be too far-fetched.

Do you think Supergirl is better suited to The CW?


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